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  1. 2Julianas

    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    I would do this - and since Norm is first in line to sleep with Franklin I could even stay locally. Play my cards right and get work to pay for it too.
  2. 2Julianas

    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    Mostly CrossFit, also running, dog walking, hiking
  3. 2Julianas

    Coffee! It's all the same color but...

    I like lattes wit organic whole milk. We have a DeLonghi Eletta at home and I get beans from various roasters (Onyx, Tim Wendelboe, Fellow Drops, local roasters found on travels). We travel with said beans and an Aeropress. I can't drink Starbucks unless it's an emergency, and everything else...
  4. 2Julianas

    Losing a summer and tossing out a fall.

    That just sounds like the Fat Bike thing I did with @Stef where we rode in circles until people just quit (like me)
  5. 2Julianas

    Zoey From Halters Cycles has gone missing:

    Same - missing your dog is too sad.
  6. 2Julianas

    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    Wasps are little shits. The sting I got on my side when we went to Graham is about the size of a golfball and simultaneously itches and hurts. Nothing helps. I vote for napalm.
  7. 2Julianas

    Group Ride Saturday 7/22 Lewis Morris

    Welcome!! And btw your riding skills are impressive - you're not a beginner :) Looking forward to riding again soon - hopefully September!
  8. 2Julianas

    Biggest loser

    Question from a lurker - I want to do IF with an 8-16 to start but am hearing conflicting info about the need to eat protein within 30 mins of a workout but my workouts being early mornings usually. I can't have the eating window be 7-3 because I tend to have low glucose overnight (confirmed by...
  9. 2Julianas

    Group Ride Saturday 7/22 Lewis Morris

    @MurderBort and I will be there. We invited a newbie from the CrossFit gym who has been dying to ride with us and I think this might be the right place to intro him. We will stick with him in whatever beginner ride there might be - small issue is we don't know the park so hopefully there is...
  10. 2Julianas

    Ibis Ripmo V2 Large- $OLD

    This is a great bike at a great price! I love my Ripmo and ride it everywhere.
  11. 2Julianas

    What are you watching now?

    Black Bird on Apple TV is quite good one episode in :)
  12. 2Julianas

    Bad Driving

    Nothing is more satisfying than highway driving is Austria. EVERYONE follows the flow rules and there are even signs saying everyone should be as far right as possible depending on what they are doing (passing, traveling, entering). If you come up behind someone and you are faster, they move to...
  13. 2Julianas

    Smoke from Canada!!

    Personally I am going to be exercising indoors until this passes, seeing as the AQI in NY is worse than Delhi, India (the former #1 worst air in the world). I also wore my N95 to get to work today. The health impact is very real.
  14. 2Julianas

    Biggest loser

    I did! Learned a bunch of interesting things about my personal glucose reactions relative to foods, timing of foods, and workouts.
  15. 2Julianas

    Kingdom Trails trail closures

    Campground has a pool!
  16. 2Julianas

    Anyone ever ridden in Norway?

    I’ve only hiked never ridden. But saw a ton of cars with bikes on. My advice - pop into a local shop and ask for advice. Norwegians are nice people. And the weather there is wacky so make sure your lawyers have layers. Have fun!!
  17. 2Julianas

    Group Ride Sunday 4/16 Jungle!

    I am going - unless it rains. I'm a delicate flower.
  18. 2Julianas

    22-23 Ski and Snowboard thread

    I will go with you
  19. 2Julianas

    OFFICIAL Spring Allergies Thread

    Hot and achy may mean Flu or COVID. Allergies are generally more fatigue and sinus/runny nose/headache symptoms.
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