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  1. looseoverhardpack

    what are you up to?

    what are you up to?
  2. looseoverhardpack

    Thule T2 917xt

    Call Thule, they will sell you the 2" piece. You just un-bolt the 1.25 bit and replace it with the 2".
  3. looseoverhardpack

    Bluemt n Wiss

    Blue is clear only a few trees still down on the fire-roads. Have fun!
  4. looseoverhardpack

    XT 10spd RD

    Sold Sold!
  5. looseoverhardpack

    Help a local frame builder!

    not sure if he has his website up for this yet. You can email Brett at He should be able to answer any questions you have. Below is one of his singlespeeds.
  6. looseoverhardpack

    Help a local frame builder!

    bump Brett only needs 29 more likes to get the jersey printed! Awesome bikes too, steel, frames specializing in 650b.
  7. looseoverhardpack

    XT 10spd RD

    yes its still available
  8. looseoverhardpack

    XT 10spd RD

    pm sent Pm sent
  9. looseoverhardpack

    eBay Question - Shipping to Different Country

    how old are the turntables? Will you throw in a mixer?
  10. looseoverhardpack

    XT 10spd RD

    For Sale: Black XT 10spd RD, used for a dozen rides or so, NOT the shadow +. $40, I live in Bergen Co. Local pick up preferred. Pics by request:)
  11. looseoverhardpack

    Cygolite Expilion 350

    i had the same problem with my Magic shine and my Cateye wireless computer. It only happened when I ran the light on the lower settings though.
  12. looseoverhardpack

    Bontrager Rythm Pro 26in

    These are good wheels, I had them on my Foes FXR for three seasons with no problems. I just changed the bearings in the rear wheel before I loaned the bike out for the summer. Light and stiff, I never had to true them. I would say they are more trail oriented than race wheels.
  13. looseoverhardpack

    Looking for quality bike shop

    Tenafly Bicycle Workshop Great local shop. Great mechanics. Definitely worth the visit. Stop in on Friday evenings to make plans for weekend trail rides and drool over Yeti's. Free espresso too. :)
  14. looseoverhardpack

    Anyone ever ridden in lake george

    I will be in the Lake George area next weekend. I can take one bike, should it be Mtn or Road? :popcorn:
  15. looseoverhardpack

    Road bike or training bike?

    Get a road bike and a stationary trainer. If it's nice out, hit the streets. If not slap it on the trainer.
  16. looseoverhardpack

    ANOTHER tire question Maxxis/UST

    From the patent report, seems like the channel in the middle helps to set the tire sidewall in the bead locks. Thanks for the link, interesting read.
  17. looseoverhardpack

    ANOTHER tire question Maxxis/UST

    I thought that the main difference between UST and Non-UST tires was that UST tires typically have a beefier sidewall. I have had both UST LUST and non-UST Ignitors and never had issues with them.
  18. looseoverhardpack

    Truvativ noir world cup handlebar

    Good luck with the sale.
  19. looseoverhardpack

    Truvativ noir world cup handlebar

    too high for used bars. used for 80 bucks.....that's crazy, I sold mine NEW for $85 not too long ago. I also heard that you can "find" them online for $80.:hmmm:
  20. looseoverhardpack

    650B Tire Fork Experience ...

    it will work I have a Fox F80 and have run Pacenti 2.3 NeoMotos (on Velocity Blunts), and Racing Ralphs (with Stan's Crests) with loads of clearance.
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