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  1. thisterrence

    XT M8000 loud AF in 46t.

    I had the same setup in the past and have a suspicion. Check the B limit screw. It can make a big difference. Side note, the MT8000 rear derailleur I had used to have trouble keeping the B limit screw set. Easy fix with new loctite, but something to mind.
  2. thisterrence

    Illegal trails off the top of Tourne.

    FWIW, there are plenty of more DH/enduro oriented trails in NJ that are certainly longer and more challenging than what the Tourne can offer. Wildcat, Wawayanda, Ringwood, Allamuchy, Mahlon Dickerson... all have some variations of this. I do think this is likely just ignorance. For a lot of...
  3. thisterrence

    Flying with a Bike

    If you have some wrenching skills and don't mind a little more assembly, I can recommend the 150L Post Carry Transfer Case. I've traveled with it three times now with a large trail bike. In all cases, I've been under 50lbs and have paid $0 in extra fees. In addition to the bike, I've been able...
  4. thisterrence

    Newbie here from Hudson County

    All of the above are great recos, particularly 6 Mile, which is fun regardless of your skill level or fitness. Deer Park is a little further of a drive, but a good spot as you improve skills (don't go to the nearby Allamuchy just yet).
  5. thisterrence

    99.9% New Time Speciale 8 Pedals

    My bad knees are your good deal. Just picked up these pedals as a possible replacement for my Crank Brothers Mallet E pedals. Turns out I really do need the extra float the Mallet E's offer (rode Speedplay Frogs for years, too). Put about 1 mile on these, but enough to cause some scratches from...
  6. thisterrence

    Telemark Trails Description

    To the builder behind the newer trails here, count this as a voucher for free beer.
  7. thisterrence

    Jungle Habitat Conditions

    I'm no lawyer, but could they just say that restoration will take, say, 3 years?
  8. thisterrence

    Jungle Habitat is back in H2H in 2022

    Personally, I agree. Events are always logistically crappy, particularly outdoor events. That doesn't give H2H an excuse to not have a responsible plan. If they're too small, poor, disorganized, etc. to have a proper plan, move the event to time of year when there's not a good chance that...
  9. thisterrence

    Jungle Habitat is back in H2H in 2022

    My two cents. I don't care why anyone races, just like I'm sure those folks don't care why I ride. However, we're all using a shared resource and have a responsibility to take care of it for the collective group. That this race happened, benefiting a minority of riders and despite the obvious...
  10. thisterrence

    Wawayanda Down Trees - Intel? Crowd Sourcing Your Observations...

    Hit some of the southern trails today, such as The Wall, Hemlock, and Loam. All in really good shape.
  11. thisterrence

    Ringwood to Sterling

    This is great. Very helpful. Thanks all!
  12. thisterrence

    Ringwood to Sterling

    Hi all. Planning out a ride and couldn't find the current best route for connecting Ringwood to Sterling. Fairly certain it will involve a little bit of road riding, but is all road from the bottom of Cooper Union to the bottom of Redback?
  13. thisterrence

    Stephens State Park Conditions

    Echoing yesterday's post, trails are in good shape. Damp, but fine in the maze. Upper trails very good. Hally Toe definitely needs a chainsaw and an afternoon. Must resort to twister contortions to get through at the moment.
  14. thisterrence

    Stephens State Park Conditions

    Got out early this morning. Conditions are great. Looks like someone's been getting crazy with the studded tires. I don't know if there is a single rock on The Rake that isn't scratched up!
  15. thisterrence

    Tourne County Park Conditions

    Just spun over to the Tourne, but turned back to the roads pretty quickly. Trails are going to need a bit more time to dry out. Of course, I did see a group of about 10 riders about to head in so perhaps the point is moot.
  16. thisterrence

    Wildcat Ridge WMA Conditions

    Anyone hike or bike here in the past few days? Have an idea what the conditions are like? These trails are always pretty hardy so hoping a few miles this weekend could be in store.
  17. thisterrence

    Telemark Trails Conditions

    Anyone hike or bike here in the past few days? Have an idea what the conditions are like? These trails are always pretty hardy so hoping a few miles this weekend could be in store.
  18. thisterrence

    OneUp 180 Dropper - Won’t stay up

    If you haven't replaced cable/housing in a while, that could be a factor. The friction can essentially semi-activate the dropper.
  19. thisterrence

    Wawayanda State Park Conditions

    Overall great conditions, but there's sizable tree down on the north end of Timber.
  20. thisterrence


    I was not. SC Bronson.
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