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  1. bucknejo

    Drill Carbon Frame for Internal Dropper

    This feels like that game of operation from way back when, but definitely a good idea to keep in the back pocket when or if the time comes.
  2. bucknejo

    Drill Carbon Frame for Internal Dropper

    Thanks guys - looks like unless the carbon drill fairy floats by one day to perform a miracle I’ll be going with the Cascade, which is definitely not a bad option. I’m guessing there will be many more wireless options at some lower price points in the next couple years so I‘m going to...
  3. bucknejo

    Drill Carbon Frame for Internal Dropper

    Anyone have any info on this one?
  4. bucknejo

    Drill Carbon Frame for Internal Dropper

    Hi guys, I know this question comes up a lot but asking again anyway. I have an older Chinese carbon frame that has existing internal guided tubes for a front derailleur and shock actuator, but no internal path for a dropper. I ran an external dropper (fox transfer) but it’s seen better days...
  5. bucknejo

    Lost Skeletool

    Lost my Leatherman Skeletool riding angry today on the white trail by stateline. I suppose finders keepers is the rule but if anyone finds it and can return it I’d be much obliged. Lost somewhere on this route:
  6. bucknejo

    Cars, it's electric! Do Do Do

    * EV Experience - 1st tire rotation for my Model Y @ ~ 8500 mi. * Scheduled a mobile appointment via phone app (appointments available for as early as the next day) Mobile technician texted 20 mins before arrival Rotated all 4 in ~ 20 mins in my driveway The tech, Nicole, was super friendly...
  7. bucknejo

    carbon wheels on a hardtail??

    I have Nexties on my DC 29: so far, so good.
  8. bucknejo

    Cars, it's electric! Do Do Do

    The battery and drive unit have an 8 year warranty so I’m going for at least that. I’m of course hoping for much more which should be achievable by limiting supercharging.
  9. bucknejo

    Cars, it's electric! Do Do Do

    EV experience at the risk of generating more rage: Yesterday I drove my Model Y LR to Belleayre Mountain Ski Center from Allendale, NJ - distance ~ 104 miles. I made it to Belleayre driving between 70 and 90 mph (climate on most of the way) with 51% remaining charge (from 100% start). The...
  10. bucknejo

    What Fat bike should I buy next???

    .0000012 bitcoin / .02 $
  11. bucknejo

    Cars, it's electric! Do Do Do
  12. bucknejo

    Garmin Bike Computer

    Any recommendations for a bike computer? I suppose the problem trying to be solved is mapping & directions (not getting lost in the woods). It would be great to also upload / design a predefined route. I think I’m over pulling out my phone every time I’m riding a new section and just want...
  13. bucknejo

    Bearing press kit?

    I bought this one a year or so back with specific drifts for the bearings I have: otherwise I think RWC has some neat stuf:
  14. bucknejo

    Stripped Pivot Bolt Head (on a Pivot)

    On a separate note, are those needle bearings? And do they actually move the needle so to speak with respect to performance?
  15. bucknejo

    Ringwood State Park Conditions

    I didn’t get a picture but there’s one down on what I think is the state line trail / white cross over section on the longer flat segment between the roller coaster and the short uphill section. Maybe here? there’s a series of branches down, not wide in diameter, but with and extended length...
  16. bucknejo

    Cars, it's electric! Do Do Do

    I traded in a 2019 VW GTI Rabbit edition 6 speed for my Model Y and went from 3 pedals to 1 pedal. I had to give up the GTI since the kids were getting bigger, my wife didn't want to learn manual, blah blah blah and went with the EV as at the time it made sense on many different levels. I...
  17. bucknejo

    Ringwood State Park Conditions

    Hi guys, there's another big one down on white. This one might need a bazooka or HIMARS. It's almost possible to ride through it as the largest part forms a gate, but there's additional branches on the other side actually on the trail. Idk, maybe it's a cool new feature.
  18. bucknejo

    Shop charging "destination" fee for in stock bikes?

    The cantina scene from ANH currently playing out on this thread has changed my day from dirty diaper to sunshine daydream. thanks and may the force be with you.
  19. bucknejo

    Ringwood State Park Conditions

    there was one down on catsnest / renegade last week. probably needs a chainsaw too. location is on the longer downhill close to the jumps before the gnarly rock garden.
  20. bucknejo

    Cars, it's electric! Do Do Do

    2021 Model Y Long Range here… +1 on the EV drive difference vs ICE. Even traffic is enjoyable. It took me 2 hours to park at the US Open on Tuesday and I was like this is still cool. Pretty efficient too, 2% battery loss over the course of the 2 hours w/ A/C running. Up front cost is a...
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