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  1. icolquhoun

    Local makes parts!!!

    Hey everyone! Response has been amazing these past few months. We are running 24/7 here and still struggling to keep up with demand. More machinery is being looked at, which is an awesome problem to have. I am incredibly appreciative of all of you who have either ordered or spread the word. I...
  2. icolquhoun

    Colorado trip - Brec epic 2022

    Did Breck Epic this year. Would like to do leadville/breck/vapor in the future Breck will be a good home base and is pretty large so plenty of places to choose. You will want to be somewhat near BeaverRun of whatever the base area is for the race for the racer's meetings everynight at 5pm...
  3. icolquhoun

    2021 Iron Furnace

    In...looking forward to a venue I haven't raced in 20ish years...
  4. icolquhoun

    Local makes parts!!!

    Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words and support! This has been a long time coming! Anyone who knows me or has ridden with me knows I'm always riding some sort of prototype something-or-other! I've been making parts for a lot of other brands and always wanted to do my own thing; and here we...
  5. icolquhoun

    2011 Salsa Vaya size 54

    Still for sale....will take 900
  6. icolquhoun

    2011 Salsa Vaya size 54

    Hi all, Selling my Salsa Vaya as I haven't riden it yet this year and would like to clear house. Size 54 in great condition. I built this up from a frameset using reliable high quality parts. Full apex/rival compact cranks bb7 brakes. King bottom bracket Stans arch 29er wheels and 41mm michelin...
  7. icolquhoun

    Misfit DiSSent Size M

    despite their deadness, this bike is still rad and still shreads 100% just fine ;) It needs a loving home! $800obo???
  8. icolquhoun

    XT 1x11 Drivetrain Compatibility with 11sp SRAM Chain

    for what it's worth, you DIY types can fashion those pliers, like I did, from and old pair of needlenose/circlip pliers laying around and 2 minutes on a bench grinder ;)
  9. icolquhoun

    Time Atax Xc replacement springs ??

    Mitch, I will not be at the short track, but shoot me a PM with your contact info and we'll meet up
  10. icolquhoun

    Running a internal dropper post on a non-internal frame?

    I always thought droppers were stupid and for dh brahs...until i rode one on a serious ride. I now find myself using it everywhere. Lumpy Bumpy/Tigersblood? drop it and gain extra maneuverability. Nassau/6mi? rail every corner like your on a BMX bike Really, for what a Fox Transfer and lever...
  11. icolquhoun

    Misfit DiSSent Size M

    Willing to work on price ;)
  12. icolquhoun

    Time Atax Xc replacement springs ??

    What you need? I'd like to keep a few pairs outa nostalgia. Let me know the next time your up in the mooch area. -Ian
  13. icolquhoun

    Time Atax Xc replacement springs ??

    I've been running time atacs on all my bikes since mid 90's and even have a set of the original ti carbons with yellow plates still running strong on my gravel grinder after possibly 50k miles on them. I just switched to shimano's on all my bikes due to breaking no less than 10 sets (yes you...
  14. icolquhoun

    Misfit DiSSent Size M

  15. icolquhoun

    WTB: Misfit Dissent rear geared der. hanger

    I have a few cnc'd up from 6061-T6 I will be selling these new either as a right only or a pair to replace your stripped threads. I will post pictures/pricing shortly!
  16. icolquhoun

    Dirty 40 Vermont

    this looks freekin awesome...i've ridden a lot of the "roads" up there. it will be amazing You thinkin of doing it?
  17. icolquhoun

    Kingdom Trails which Motel

    motel and vt usually don't go together in same sentence. If you do find one, it's usually scaryville
  18. icolquhoun

    saw the roadie pricks today

    Best retaliation is blowing them kisses. believe me, nothing ruffles a pubescent boys feathers who just coal rolled you yelling "fagetz" worse then flagrant big exagerated blowing kisses from said "fagetz" Just be ready to take off into the woods when his fragile little ego can't tolerate his...
  19. icolquhoun

    WTB: Misfit Dissent rear geared der. hanger

    i contacted misfit thru FB and he said he doesnt have anymore hangers left. @soundz I may take you up on your offer. I can reverse engineer it, cnc a batch of em and we'll all be back in business.
  20. icolquhoun

    strava now using mapbox open street map instead of google maps.

    @axcxnj what mapholder is that?
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