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    Need to edit GPS file

    Thanks. Topofusion worked. Amazingly powerful software by the way. I could tell where the file got corrupted just by zooming in and seeing where the points did not match up or backed over themselves at a point, something that did not show up on Strava or Garmin Connect. I was then able to...
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    Need to edit GPS file

    I need to edit out two segments on a Garmin Edge 200 .fit file. Any suggestions? Strava will let me edit the last segment of the ride, but I also need to edit out a small section in the middle (left GPS turned on while taking a transfer in a van). I attempted to rename the file and upload...
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    The police response to this was not to provide extra security, but to encourage cyclists to NOT USE the Greenway and ride in the city streets. I guess they are trying to corral us to a point where they can hand out more tickets to us. I ride this area every week but have been trying to avoid...
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    Bike Shops Don't Stock Clothing, Why?

    I end up buying a piece at one shop and another piece at another shop and have found some good items. To be honest, bike clothes are not the type of thing that I enjoy driving around the state looking for. That being said, I get the on-line draw for many and understand the stock turnover issue...
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    Bike Shops Don't Stock Clothing, Why?

    Looking for input from shop owners and employees. I hate buying bike clothing on-line for all the obvious reasons. However, I have found a few brands that I like and have been forced to purchase them on-line because shops usually only carrier Pearl Izumi, clothes from their bike brands, low...
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    South Mountain Reservation

    New construction Yes, you read it here first. They are clear-cutting more mid-growth forest further down the road from the new mini-golf course, restaurant and newly minted boat ramp. They installed a wide cement walkway between the road and pond and have 8 pieces of heavy machinery actively...
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    IOS 7 upgrade

    Seriously, there is still no widget support? I love being able to see the weather, topical news, today's calendar reminders, recent messages, etc instantly at a glance on the home screen. Don't know how "smart" phone users could live without this.
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    IOS 7 upgrade

    No need to wait for Luke. Unless you like to wait for things like Apple to bring old news functionality and lack of customization to the market and wait in line for 3 days to be the first to get the newest and greatest 2 additional features that other closeout phones on sale already have.
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    Death by Bicycle

    Where is the pump track in this video???
  10. MST.ESQ

    bike + camera + star = ?

    It appears that he was on the sidewalk trying to sneak by her entourage to grab a pic as he flew by. I suspect he knew he was engaging in dangerous and unlawful behavior - and I would not classify him as a cyclist in any manner.
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    Reducing impact

    I said nothing about "building" trails or features.
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    Reducing impact

    trail access I have spoken to a number of people on-site at the Tourne over the years and nobody seems to have a friggin clue as to what is open/closed to bikes. I even spoke to a county worker on duty and he thought everything but Wildflower was open. I have never seen a map on-site that...
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    The OFFICIAL don't wave at Dustin thread.

    Used to give the 4 finger roadie wave with thumb still on the bar, but I become ever more lazy by the day. By the end of July I was down to 2 finger and last night decided just to hold up 1 finger. Everyone yelled at me. Is there some kind of rule against giving someone the finger on the bike...
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    South Mountain Reservation

    I have the true story. Money and influence = access to property rights at SOMO. It does not get any simpler than that. That stuff about deer management and environmental plans being needed. Pure BS and Joe's code for "bribe me." The new county minigolf course (that is crazy expensive btw)...
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    Strong anti-biking sentiment in Denville.

    Did you know Pavlov had a dog? When I am all grumpy and grouchy my wife yells "get out of here and go for a ride or something." I make sure to come back home with a big smile. Now if my youngest son thinks I am sad he says, "Dad, you should go for a ride to get happy." Just make a point...
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    road bike seats

    Not the kind of thing you want to buy on-line. Most stores have a brand or two that participate in the try before you buy program. Worth every dollar.
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    Road ID iPhone App

    Still in version 1.0. Android version coming once the bugs are worked out.
  18. MST.ESQ

    South Mountain Reservation

    Joe D. won't come right out and ask, but he has a price. Trust me on this. That is all I can say without violating client confidentiality...
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    south mountain

    Joe D. has his picture on everything in Essex County. Definition of narcissistic behavior. IMO, don't waste your time in Essex, at least not until this fool is gone. We don't have enough money to pay his going rate for bribes.
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    Road ID Gift Cards to Award to Youth Cyclists

    I have 4 Road ID Gift Cards that I received from the DDH Foundation. I agreed to pass them along to deserving young cyclists. I plan on placing the orders directly to make sure they are actually used and would like to get a photo of each recipient for the website. Anyone care to nominate...
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