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  1. NJMX835

    The Pedal Pub: How On Earth Can This Bar On Wheels Be Legal?

    I've seen those in Austin before. They appear to be VERY popular, and even manage to make it up hills pretty well. I didn't try it, but perhaps next time... :)
  2. NJMX835

    Thinking of trying..

    Eh, you can ride anywhere at night if you know where to park. Jungle is a better night ride than Wawayanda. Skyline too. I've been nightriding for years, but I get a little shy about riding Wawayanda at night, even though it's local. Besides the bears, we have coyotes now, I heard a pack of them...
  3. NJMX835

    Where is the "new" trail?

    That section is a horror after heavy rains. Someone put some rocks in there so you can at least get across some of the worst sections, but even that won't help when it really gets swamped.
  4. NJMX835

    Where is the "new" trail?

    I can only assume it was rangers that covered it up. In which case, they may want to focus on the other new trail and close that too. You know, the 200' wide one that runs from Cannistear to Lake Lookover. Eh, if I had a couple billion in the bank I'm sure I could run a bulldozer through the...
  5. NJMX835

    Where is the "new" trail?

    Yuppers, not the one from last year. Looked to be brand new when I rode it and now has been completely covered up. Shame, looked like someone put a lot of work into it. it started by Lake Lookout and ended near the double track that offshoots from the new trail from last year. Gone now anyway..
  6. NJMX835

    Where is the "new" trail?

    Freaking shame too, that trail rocked.
  7. NJMX835

    Where is the "new" trail?

    The park or somebody closed up the "new" trail. I rode it two weeks ago, and then went to take some people there today and great effort had been expended to wipe it off the face of the earth.
  8. NJMX835

    Livingston Trail

    Mostlly quad double tracks, washed out fireroads, and some old overgrown singletrack. The place has a lot of potential, but needs people to build there and to ride it also. I cleared some of the single track a few years ago, but I'm sure it's all overgrown by now. The trail the runs along...
  9. NJMX835

    Mountain Creek Bike Park XC trails

    Last time I poked around back there was 3 years ago or so, and they were pretty much completely overgrown then. They do have some good trailbuilders though, and plenty of equipment so you might see some good trails out of it. The old one's were kinda meh..
  10. NJMX835

    Rhino Closed ? New Trail - Baboon ?

    I'd like to buy whoever cuts these trails a case of beer. Rode Baboon for the first time today and it's absolutely awesome :)
  11. NJMX835

    Bring on the Snow

    Somewhere in the neighborhood of 19" here in Highland Lakes. Hoping the snowmobiles and quads pack the trails down some so I can ride. Plattekill is open for skiing already, I heard they got 27" last night.
  12. NJMX835

    Bring on the Snow

    Couple inches up here already. Felt like I was losing my toes in Wawayanda today, but fun ride nonetheless. Still, it's WAY too early for this crap, lol
  13. NJMX835

    Trail Conditions Report for Today

    Well, I rode some of the local trails here in Highland Lakes today and they were actually quite good. Little soft and still some snow and ice in a coupe spots, but overall much better than I expected. Was a little bummed I didn't go over to Wawayanda instead, it was probably pretty rideable today...
  14. NJMX835

    Stephen R Porraro, 7-27-72 to 3-5-11, RIP

    I'm really going to miss Steve, he was am awesome friend and a great guy to ride with. I'll always remember all the great rides we went on over the years.. I actually went on my first mountain bike ride with Steve.. His wake was really beautiful with all the pictures and videos of him...
  15. NJMX835

    Any reports on central/northern NJ trails?

    Well, with the rain today, the snow may actually be gone from Wawayanda this week (miracle), but we'll probably have 6" of mud until we get some sun/wind to dry it out. I'll be a happy camper if I can find somewhere 1/2 dry to ride next weekend.
  16. NJMX835

    Lost dog at Allamuchy

    I ran into some folks at Allamuchy yesterday who lost their dog, I figured I would post this in case anyone riding there comes across it. The dog is a shepherd mix named Nala, dark with a curly tail, about 50lbs. She was lost Thursday night (4/22), near the Cranberry Lake section of...
  17. NJMX835

    Did any part of NJ NOT experience monsoon-like conditions today?

    Was down in Belle Mead (just down the road for 6 mile) yesterday & the storm was out of control, river came up about as fast as I've ever seen one rise, current was ripping too.
  18. NJMX835

    Trail Reports

    Glacier Ridge is absolutely awesome, you can ride the whole thing in an afternoon & every foot of trail is fun, love that place.
  19. NJMX835

    Early Motivation

    There are no words to describe exactly how much I hate winter, must find a way to move somewhere where it does not snow...
  20. NJMX835

    For all the gravity freaks this is the bike! the beast!

    I've got an Avy DHF-8 fork, never had any issues with rocks other than it eating them for lunch :D Avy suspension is the shizzle fo' rizzle my nizzle....
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