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    Mare's Bday Ride - Sunday, April 4th!!

    Mare...why didn't you mention it was your birthday? I would have let you ride on the "hiking only" trails. Happy birthday I hope you had a good time at Hartshorne today. Kris
  2. PedalPaddles

    How do you dry out your water packs?

    Roll a wire hanger into a giant corkscrew shape, leaving the original hook. Make sure to roll up the very end to avoid a sharp puncture point. You can widen and stretch the shape to hold open the bladder. Screw it in the opening and hang to dry. It also helps to shove a washcloth in there to...
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    Shimano chain goop

    I asked Lennard Zinn about this stuff and his reply was to leave it on. Just clean and lube your chain after each ride for the first couple of rides and it will come off.
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    Iron Bridge Road

    I haven't ridden up there in a couple of years, but I stumbled accross one of my old route sheets. Lebanon 52 0.0 Start (X R22) Cokesbury Rd 530' climb 3.0 L R639 3.1 R Cokesbury-Califon Rd 310' climb 4.3 L Mountain Grove Rd 5.2 R Hoffman Crossing Rd 6.2 RT R513 ***...
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    Am I getting old?

    You must be getting old if you didn't knock his side view mirror off when you had the chance.
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    I prefer to eat healthy before a ride so as to enjoy it more. But I usually make the most of my post-ride meals....My favorite is a burrito with chips, salsa, coke and/or beer....or the old western omelet with cheese, some home fries and whole wheat toast. After a full weekend of riding, I...
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    You can combine your protein shake with the oats. You want to balance protein and carbs. I make old fashion oatmeal (hate the quick oats) with a sliced banana and protein powder. You can mix in whatever flavors you want, like cinnamon, maple syrup, etc. This provides me with carbs and 30...
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    HELP: Chain always stuck between granny and bb...

    So far, all good advice. I would add that a clean drive train always has fewer problems and shifts better than a dirty one. I would start by turning the Low limit screw an 1/8 of a turn like he said. One change at a time and keeping it clean. As far as technique is concerned, you do not...
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    Road Ride, Wed

    An average speed of 20 MPH is pretty impressive for a "pleasure ride".
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    Bib Shorts

    I'll never go back to regular shorts. I agree with all the previously mentioned reasons. Bib are more comfy on the road and especially in the woods where I tend to move a round on the bike more. The bibs never get twisted around or sag like regular shorts and it's nice to have a little...
  11. PedalPaddles

    drivetrain clunk

    I recall reading on that it's best to use the same brand cranks and BB. Even though the spline is a "standard" (ISIS), in reality they are not all exactly the same. An experienced mechanic would know if those two brands work well together. I've always used Shimano XT BB's...
  12. PedalPaddles

    drivetrain clunk

    It wouldn't hurt to rule out the rear hub. It can transmit clunks and squeaks to the pedals very well. Try a different rear wheel just to be sure.
  13. PedalPaddles

    Cr, Lm, Rv?

    When it comes to high rock content, it is very difficult to determine which ones are high and which ones are just sitting there because that is what rocks do. Please ask more intelligent questions like the "sucking donkey ass" question. I would be up for Hartshorne or Allaire on Sunday. I...
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    ID on Road and/or Trail...

    I've been riding on the road for about 6 years now and mostly by myself. I started carrying my cell phone which came in handy when I ran out of spare tubes once. I have my parents number listed under "parents" so somebody can call them should I be unconscious. I wear a road ID with the...
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    Riding Near Princeton

    What is the status of mt biking in Washington's Crossing Park? I thought the trails were off limit to bikes? I work down the street from there and would like to try it if I can get away with it...I mean if it is legal. wink wink The road riding in this area is really good too.
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    Hartshorne, Clayton or Chimney Rock?

    What did you think of the switchback? By the way, good job clearing the other trail of those enormous trees. Thanks
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    Hartshorne, Clayton or Chimney Rock?

    O.K. so I didn't make it to trail maintenance at Hartshorne last weekend. I raced at Branch Brook instead. I saw some of the work done on the switchback and really have to wonder if it was designed properly. Can somebody that was there let me know who was in charge of the design?
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    Has anyone used Win detergent for their stanky clothes?

    Good Point Norm...if you cannot wash your clothes right away, at least hang them to dry in the mean time. By the way, antibacterial soap doesn't have enough active ingredient to really kill bacteria (marketing ploy). Witch Hazel is a good product for cleaning the under-carriage.
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    Has anyone used Win detergent for their stanky clothes?

    A few laundry tips I learned over the last 20 smelly years... • Remove your clothes (especially shorts) immediately after a ride (before you drive home). • Wash your clothes as soon as you get home. • Take them out of the wash and hang them up immediately (shorts inside out). • For gloves...
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    Compact VS Triple VS Double

    I switched to compact with 50/34. I found myself switching back and forth between the two rings too often. I changed the 34 to a 36 and that solved the problem. I run a 12/23 for the Hopewell area (hilly) and a 12/21 for most flat riding. I have never run out of gears on the downhills. (this...
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