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    Wilderness 101

    Once over the first climb settle into a comfortable pace, it is easy to overextend going out decker valley and crowfield to aid 1. It helps to be in a group but unless you have some road miles you can easily overextend here and when you hit the repeated climbs after Aid 1 you will have paid the...
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    Pisgah Stage Race vs TSEpic

    If you don't have the desire to raceTSEPIC then you definitely should take a few days and camp, grab the course info from ridewithgps and do some of the courses. TSE courses can be ridden by camping in Rothrock or one of the private campgrounds and it's a short drive to park someplace to get you...
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    New Trail Build: Sunday 3/26/2023 @ 9:30am

    It actually is going to be called Timber from south all the way up to Turkey Ridge
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    Pumphouse Bridge Build: 10/8/22, 10/15/22, 10/22/22

    This project is being lead by the NYNJTC and they have done all the scheduling. I think they are expecting to get this done within those three dates. Watch for other work dates for the new trail planned as these will be varying weekend dates and we would be glad to have help on that project.
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    Wawayanda State Park Conditions

    that's what she said
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    Wawayanda Upcoming Trail Projects

    yea thats the general vicinity
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    Wawayanda Down Trees - Intel? Crowd Sourcing Your Observations...

    Not sure why you are so angry and resentful with everything you post on this forum regardless of the thread. Grab a hand saw, pruners or clippers and head out to your local park to do some of your own TM.... oh wait, your response will be that you do that all the time as that seems to be the...
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    Wawayanda Upcoming Trail Projects

    Notified of change of date by the TC, October 8, 15 & 22 due to event by RAGNAR on 10/1
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    Wawayanda Upcoming Trail Projects

    There are some upcoming projects that will be happening in the park this fall. First off the NYNJTC has been working with the park on the planning of a boardwalk bridge over the flood prone rock bridge section of the Pumphouse trail. It was decided to build this instead of continually...
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    Wawayanda State Park Conditions

    A bit too early in the process it has been submitted to the State and sent to Trenton. Pending final approval from the State.
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    Stokes State Forest Conditions

    I ride here all the time and find it the hidden gem of State Parks. Tie this in with a trek across to High Point or Walpack and you have yourself miles of trails that are not heavily used and give you a backwoods kinda feeling.
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    Jungle Habitat is back in H2H in 2022

    Some years are better than others. If you budget correctly you can usually come away not losing any money. I guess everyone bases their profit expectations differently. It's really not the market right now to make any real money on a mountain bike race. I am with Jim in that the gravel stuff is...
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    Wawayanda Down Trees - Intel? Crowd Sourcing Your Observations...

    The one on hemlock taken out yesterday afternoon hope to get to the other one this week 👍🏻
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    Wawayanda State Park Conditions

    I can answer the pumphouse question regarding the bridge. A bridge out there is a sizable project and anything other than what is there such As a structure type bridge would require the park to get permits, engineering and so on from Trenton even though the park is an extension of trenton. When...
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    Bearscat Roll Call….

    Just some info on this there will be a few course changes which include no prologue and a change to both the first and second half of the course. First half has changes in direction of a couple trails and second half has additional climbing along with the return of nature jim's bridge on red dot.
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    2021 Iron Furnace

    I think the photos will be here as this was the guys photographer that was at the race. It doesn't look like they have photos loaded yet
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    Wawayanda Down Trees - Intel? Crowd Sourcing Your Observations...

    Yea I know it’s there be out there this week to get that big boy
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    2021 Iron Furnace

    That has not yet been ridden to post
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    2021 Iron Furnace

    2021 Iron Furnace Course start at furnace, finish on top by dam.
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    Stokesville, Va Stoopid 50 MTB race April 25

    The starting climb at this race is not much fun in April unless you have done a lot of climbing early on but that also goes with the entire race as the climbing is never ending.
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