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    Open invite to the 3rd annual bottle ride.

    Agreed. A fantastic event all around.
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    Fundraising at The Bulldog Rump

    Good work on this Ted. Is there a 501(c)(3) that accepts donations as well?
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    The Kalmyk's Tinfoil Hat Happy Hour (aka Most Useless Thread on MTBNJ)

    Ah, this info is too late to help me! :D
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    Important item found at wawayanda

    You never get your dignity back after racing Wawa. And yet we keep coming back for more! :D
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    Important item found at wawayanda

    It was gold and diamonds.
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    Important item found at wawayanda

    Owner found. Good news.
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    Important item found at wawayanda

    Yep, I emailed Jeff at too and gave him the details.
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    Important item found at wawayanda

    I found something on the trail that I think the owner would very much like to get back. If you lost this you will know what it is. Send me an email at bush pig.vrc@gmail and tell me what you lost with a brief description.
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    All City Wrap Up Thread

    I was worried about the course conditions given all the rain in the days leading up to the race, but was very pleasantly surprised. The trails were nice and tacky with only a couple really sketch slick sections. Each lap I felt more comfortable on the technical section and cleared more and...
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    Rump results

    Great pix Nathan and handy checkout!
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    Bulldog Rump Complaints and Suggestions Department

    The delay in posting results is lame.
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    Dark Horse Reports

    As a non-MTBNJer, I want to share how happy I was to see your mascot. She was like a silent fan cheering me on at the start of each lap.
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    Lewis Morris Challenge Info from Marty's

    I hear that - I got 12th and was certain I had done better than that - though that certainty started to evaporate with the Garmin links :D
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    Lewis Morris Challenge Info from Marty's

    Who is the Timing Company?
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    Some of the LM results are up

    Definitely easier not to put on a race than to run one. With the exception of promoters that are clearly dogging it, I am one to cut slack, even when irritations (like late/f'ed results) arise.
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    Lewis Morris

    I don't like how this is turning out. How bout some people with slower times than me post up ;)
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    The Darkhorse Gallop

    Glad to hear about the staggered start. Beside helping the start be smoother it lets you see who you are racing against.
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    Lewis Morris

    Here's the link to mine - 1:43 for the three laps.
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    Lewis Morris

    I know my times since I used a Garmin with auto laps - I want to know the other times. According to last years results I got third or fourth. That'll be a surprise to the guys in front of me :D Seriously though, props to Marty's. I appreciated how well the race was run and hope that the...
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