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  1. Gregg

    Allaire Conditions

    Any updates after the weekend rain and sun and breeze today? Hoping for an all clear.
  2. Gregg

    Blizzard Quattro 8.4Ti Skis 174cm unmounted

    I am selling a pair of Blizzard 8.4Ti skis brand new still in the wrapper bindings included $899 online selling for $600.
  3. Gregg

    Pick a beer store

    Central Jersey Very close to 6 Mile Run you can stop by Cedar Grove Wine & Liquors they have an awesome selection for pick a 6 beer. Most of the guys working there know their beers as well.
  4. Gregg

    Visitor from GA

    Monday morning ride If you want I may be doing a loop at 6 Mile Run early on Monday, start @6 done by 8 if you're interested. Btw I lived in S'ville for 5 years before moving to North Brunswick back in 2002. Are the trails in Yellow River still in good shape? I may be able to get out for a...
  5. Gregg

    Yakima or Thule?

    Racks I've owned Thule, Saris, and Yakima racks and worked in shops that have sold the same. My experience for quality, product choices and ease of use Thule is the best in my opinion. The new Traverse foot works great.
  6. Gregg

    Arcteryx Beta AR jacket

    Sold Sorry guys it's sold.
  7. Gregg

    Arcteryx Beta AR jacket

    Selling a Arcteryx Beta AR jacket Aztec size large. Never been worn, Gore Tex Pro Shell material. Retails for $425 I'm selling it for $200 local pick up, $205 shipped UPS ground. See for more info or pm me here.
  8. Gregg

    Black or White Rims?

    How about white rims and black hubs?
  9. Gregg

    Need a road Bike

    56cm Specialized Roubaix Bike is listed in bikes for sale area here on MTBNJ. Let me know if you have any questions about it.
  10. Gregg

    Questions for the roadies among us

    A bikes a bike Road bike, mountain bike,full squish, single speed, park bike, fixed gear, cyclocross as long as I'm on two wheels things are good it sure beats working.
  11. Gregg

    Free to a good home:

    No bike on the post but...... There was a real nice bike on a car rack so I thought I'd just grab that.:eek:
  12. Gregg

    Which fork should i get?

    Cable disc brakes I run cable disc brakes on my urban/park bike and they work as good as my hydro discs they just require more up keep/ adjustments.
  13. Gregg

    Conditions tomorrow evening for a ride doable?

    Trail ride ha-ha Looks like road only for the next few days. Rain sucks.
  14. Gregg

    Area Restaurants

    My vote for sushi My favorite in Middlesex county has to be Sapporo's on George St New Brunswick. I highly recommend the crispy and spicy tuna roll. It's never a problem getting a table for sushi, while the hibachi sides gets packed.
  15. Gregg

    What the F@!$ is wrong with radio

    Satellite killed the radio star..... Since signing on for satellite radio a few years ago I can't even think about going back to "free radio". In 3 years there has never been a time that I couldn't find some thing that I want to hear within my 10 preset stations. Also take into account the fact...
  16. Gregg

    '08/'09 season thread or something.

    Also hoping to stretch my season out to the first weekend in June :) I'll be in Colorado then so hoping A-Basin is still open, or I can find a pass with some good base! If A-Basin is not going you could always shuttle Loveland Pass off Rt6. Just try to find some one to guide you there...
  17. Gregg

    Good shop to demo skiis from

    Ditto beat the Bush and head to Mad River Glen and ski it if you can.
  18. Gregg

    Good shop to demo skiis from

    Demos Ellbiddy, The AC 40's were not produced this year the gave way for the AC50, but the Tiger Shark 12 is a close option(AC40 82mm waist TS12 79mm). The AC30 is a great all mountain ski for a skier based in the east(good on hard pack but still good float in powder). I'll report back...
  19. Gregg

    Good shop to demo skiis from

    Wednesday... Gary, I'm off Tuesday this week and next week is the SIA demo at Stratton. I'll let you know my schedule for the following week and we'll try to go. Good idea to bring Tony it would make for some comic relief. :scared:
  20. Gregg

    Good shop to demo skiis from

    Demos I work for Ski Barn in Lawrenceville but you will have difficult time finding a local shop with demo level skis as we are just too far from the mountains. If you have an idea of what you want to try drop by and let me know I'll find out when the reps will have their product on snow. It...
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