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    Shimano XTR SG-X M9 Chainrings

    Both sets are SOLD
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    Shimano XTR SG-X M9 Chainrings

    1 set left.
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    Shimano XTR SG-X M9 Chainrings

    Price lowered to 119.99
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    Where to Ride After Snow

    I drove through that area earlier in the week, and wasn't comfortable with the amount of room on the shoulders. How is it when you saw it?
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    Shimano XTR SG-X M9 Chainrings

    I am selling a Shimano XTR SG-X M9 3-piece Chainring set. The chainring sizes are 44T, 32T, & 22T. The chainrings came off a the XTR cranksets I bought for my singlespeeds, and were never used. I am asking $150 for the set and have 2 full sets for sale. PM me with questions, photo attached.
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    Snowpocolypse 2010 post your pics

    Cool. Menu looks good, I'll have to try it out.
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    29er. Tires

    That is a great point. I read a great deal of reviews before trying different tires, but all that being said I did not find the tire I liked until I tried a bunch on my own bike at the parks I ride.
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    Bicycle 2 in Paramus...

    That is a shame, but your in an area that has some options.
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    Snowpocolypse 2010 post your pics

    What restaurant does he own?
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    My bike as a centerfold

    Bike looks awesome!
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    I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM

    Yeah, definitly worth watching.
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    I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM

    Probably your bandwidth. However, you can right-click on that video and turn off HD and maybe that will help you some.
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    Happy new year for everyone

    Same to everyone else!
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    BRAC and relocation.

    You should have quite a few options, because you can commute from either Delaware, other parts within Maryland, or Pennsylvania in under an hour. Not sure about where would be best for MTB but hunting should be good in those areas.
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    NINER air 9

    Yeah I guess you never know, but they got him measured at a shop and his is already grew out of the medium frame he had and I think he just turned 13, so I think they want to invest in something that he doesn't keep growing out of.
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    NINER air 9

    I forwarded the link I found to my buddy. He is trying to piece together a bike for his son, he just isnt sure whether he should buy a frame that fits him now, or one that he can grow into.
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    The annual "What did you get???" thread

    I got the garmin last year, and a got a few more of the accessories this year.
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    NINER air 9

    What are the dimensions of the frame?
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    Ergon Grips

    I use the Ergon grips too, with the shorter bar ends. There are a little heavy for grips but I like them. I was reading somewhere that they are coming out with a lighter version this fall so keep your eyes peeled. This set will address the weight issue with the other grips.
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    Jungle Habitat ride 9/12

    I am going to head up there around lunchtime for my first ride there. If anyone has advice as to how to follow the race loop in addition to "The first two trails are easy to find. First, go through the main gate. About a 100 feet in there is a little road on your left and painted on the...
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