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  1. Scotty878

    Steel frame bikes (Sorry but no 29er)

    Hahah, thanks so much guys!! Of course I've always liked it but its my bike, so it nice to get some outside love for it! The bike really is great! So fun and versatile, I haven't touched my Nomad since I built it up! Thanks again for the love!
  2. Scotty878

    Steel frame bikes (Sorry but no 29er)

    Hey, I've got a Cotic BFe. Essentially the same thing as the Soul previously mentioned, just a beefier tube set for the frame. I love the thing. Fairly short rear end and I built it with big wide bars, its super playful. I dunno how big you are, but I'm about 5' 10" and mines a medium. I work...
  3. Scotty878

    Any opinions on '11 revelation rlt

    My experience with most Rock Shox is that the bushings develop a little bit of play over time but nothing extreme and I certainly haven't felt anything out of the ordinary with this fork. I would definitely have no problem recommending the fork to anyone. Plus if you did ever have any trouble...
  4. Scotty878

    2011 Banshee Paradox 29er

    This is way too tempting...I've been looking at this frame for a while now and its my size too. I'll what I can do with some funds...
  5. Scotty878

    Any opinions on '11 revelation rlt

    I have the RLT Ti on my hard tail I recently built up and I've been quite happy with it. I got the 20mm thru-axle and it's nice and stiff!
  6. Scotty878

    Drop jump at 6 Mile Run

    Here's a quick video of me hitting the drop/jump from earlier this summer. The videos been sitting on my phone all summer, figured I'd finally do something with it for this thread. The was an ok run on it, I have gone a little bit "bigger" on it before. But anyway...
  7. Scotty878

    29er - Santa Cruz Tallboy

    Haven't seen much about it on here yet, but the first shots of Santa Cruz's new VPP carbon 29er, the Tallboy, just got released recently... Looks pretty sweet! While I don't have a 29er, and a new bike is low on my list of priorities...
  8. Scotty878

    Deraileur to Alfine conversion - anyone btdt ? That guy did it too, on an older Blur LT, so seems like there's a few people out there who have done it. We had a Giant Seek 1 in our shop with one and it was very cool. Could probably get some good help here too...
  9. Scotty878

    Knee/Shin guard suggestions

    I just recently got Fox Launch pads. I wore them when I rented them at Diablo last year and the were pretty comfy. I plan to go to Diablo more this year so I picked up a pair of my own. Haven't rode anywhere with them that requires more pedaling yet though so they could get annoying, but based...
  10. Scotty878

    Fast and dusty!

    Ahh, missed this when it was first posted, don't get on here much lately. I was there the 19th too! I was on a black Nomad and my buddy had a black/green Trek 4500. Pretty awesome conditions minus a few wet spots. All the upgrades are great! The markings for the trail on the 27 side are a...
  11. Scotty878

    Yay for colors!

    Damn, if I had any money I'd consider pimpin' out the bike with some nice red parts!
  12. Scotty878

    Rebirth of a giant 26er ;)

    Hey man, I work at Planet Bike and was there when you brought it in and picked it up. Cool to see it built up! Came out great. My favorite part was the rough finish on the rear triangle!
  13. Scotty878

    Alright...I Finally Understand!

    Okay, so I actually understand what it's all about. After being on this site for quite some time, there seemed to be so much hype surrounding this place and I never quite understood. But I was finally able to see what all the fuss was about and have seen the light! I haven't even been on here...
  14. Scotty878

    Finally got my NEWm..I mean, Nomad!

    Thanks everybody! lion - lol, certainly no need to be sorry. I already had plans for that down the line. Not right now though, seeing as how I just spent a load of money since aside from the bike I got basically everything else. Roof rack, pedals, shoes, helmet, and basically everything. I...
  15. Scotty878

    Finally got my NEWm..I mean, Nomad!

    Hey guys, whats up!? Finally picked up my baby! I know you all loved my thread on which bike to get, so I figured I'd let you know it's officially over with now that I have a bike! lol It's actually been about a week now that I've had her, just too busy loving riding to post up! I love the bike...
  16. Scotty878

    Off to the races....

    Good luck! I'll be there to watch, cheer and take some pics!
  17. Scotty878

    Post Your Pets

    This is my dog Moe. He's scared in this pic because there was a thunderstorm that night and the thunder scares him, he's a whimp, lol.
  18. Scotty878

    Geo Cache

    Hahah, this stuff seems really cool! I wanna get a GPS unit just to try it! There's a bunch around me which I wasn't expecting. There's even one in the park across the street from my house!
  19. Scotty878

    Anyone Looking For A Kick A@s Job???

    Alright, thanks! I'll let her know. If she's interested I'll get the contact info through you...
  20. Scotty878

    Anyone Looking For A Kick A@s Job???

    Any experience required or anything like that? Any info at all would be great! My mom is in between jobs right now, so maybe I'll relay the information to her.
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