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  1. skipper

    Upgrading my bike

    Fell out of riding as often as I used to, but I am back at it and happier than ever. My bike continues to take a beating and I can only tune it up so many times. I've had the front and rear derailers replaced (at no cost) a couple of times as they were bent and I guess overall shot and not...
  2. skipper

    Coke Trail

    Rode Allaire today for the first time in a little while. Used to be there every weekend until I moved up to North Jersey, so I know the trails quite well. That said, how are conditions on the coke trail? Used to be my favorite trail until a storm a couple years back did some serious damage...
  3. skipper

    Hailing from Jersey City

    I'm actually moving up to JC Heights in two weeks. Not sure of where the closest trails are, but there's got to be lots out just a bit northwest of Hudson County. I also run a lot (trails) and will be looking to do a lot of that as well. Not sure if Liberty State Park or any parks in Hudson...
  4. skipper

    Hartshorne Conditions?

    Just went for a run today at Hartshorne...some VERY muddy spots, but trees down all over the place. If you're going to ride, PLEASE take it easy on the downhills, as you may run into an unexpected tree down across the trail, in various places!
  5. skipper

    Mountian bike team and club at brookdale commuity college

    I'm a student at BCC...this should be my last year (hopefully). With a little luck I'll graduate with my associates in May after 5 years milking it at Brookdale (better late than never). Anywho, I'm 22 and I've been riding about 2 years now, looking to do some races this year. I ride...
  6. skipper

    What did you do TODAY for your fitness?

    Tuesday: 45 minute plyometrics workout Wednesday: 2 hour ride at 6 mile Today: 5 mile run
  7. skipper

    Any other race series besides H2H?

    I'm new to this mountain bike racing thing. I used to race BMX, in which I was a part of the NBL (national bicycle league). I plan on doing the H2H series in 2010. I'm sure there's other races here and there that I will train for, but I guess my main question is- is there some type of league...
  8. skipper

    Riding in the rain?

    ended up going for a nice 5 mile run. i hate rain. love the snow, can't wait for it. looking forward to having a couple days off and then seeing it rain like this really blows :cry:
  9. skipper

    Riding in the rain?

    wellll, I'd only stay on the main trails that are rarely affected by the rain. but yes, you're absolutely correct. maybe i'll go for a run
  10. skipper

    Riding in the rain?

    This weather sucks, but I'm off the next two days and am really itching to ride, let alone get out of the house! I've ridden before in the rain, but never actually went and loaded up my bike on my truck while getting wet....I feel like a little bit crazy... ..or am I? :popcorn:
  11. skipper

    New bike...or build on my current frame?

    I've got a Felt Q520, all stock except the clipless pedals. I've been riding a little over a year now and progressed pretty quick. I guess my bike hasn't been holding up to some of the beatings i've handed to it. My rear derailer is rather cheap (Shimano Alivio) and even though I have my LBS...
  12. skipper


    Rode 6 mile today for the first time...well, not all of it. I rode red and orange from the Rte. 27 parking lot out and across the road to where the blue trail begins, and turned around and went back. Rode for a little over an hour. Was a bit confused on the orange trail as I somehow did a...
  13. skipper

    First Ride...

    I plan on hitting 6 mile on Monday. I live in Monmouth County. I plan on taking 522 west to where it meets Rte 27 (right in front of Trap Rock- place I used to pick up stone when I worked for a trucking company) and making a right, heading northbound on 27. How far from 522 is the parking lot...
  14. skipper

    Interested in riding Mercer...

    I'm local to Allaire and ride Hartshorne on occasion...looking to venture elsewhere. I think I've been past Mercer County Park before, if I remember correctly. What's the terrain like? Any fast downhills, technical sections? I looked at the map and it looks like there's a good variety of...
  15. skipper

    Something Wicked presents... 6 Hours Of Cathedral Pines

    so how long is the race? i know it says its a 6 hour endurance race, is that true? or is it just one lap?
  16. skipper

    The Lewis Morris MountainMan

    I've never done a race before, but I've been wanting to and I remember back in the spring I was considering doing the mountain man challenge. Had I kept better tabs on how long it was until this race came about, I'd probably be more ready for it. I guess my question is, how difficult is the...
  17. skipper

    What am I doing wrong?

    Woke up at 830am. Might be true that I'm expecting to get it back too quickly. I guess I'm discouraged because I used to do that 5.5 mile run while smoking a pack a day. I quit while I had surgery and expected my body to have more energy but so far not so much.
  18. skipper

    What am I doing wrong?

    I had minor surgery done back in August which put me out of commission for about 6 weeks. Now I'm trying to get back on track. I'm 5'11" 210lbs after being a couch potato for over a month (was 200 before that) and I've been off my bike for two months. Still haven't gotten back on the bike...
  19. skipper

    trail conditions?

    havent ridden allaire in about a has it been? wet? dry? damp? how are the tiger woods and coke trails? i havent been down to the coke trail in about 4 months, cause its been too wet just about every time i ride to make a run through. might take a late morning ride tomorrow..
  20. skipper

    anyone here a smoker?

    not a bad idea! i think one of the problems is that i quite this past winter...and we all know how bitter cold it was, leaving me no choice but to leave my bike hanging in the garage and sit on the couch instead. had i been RIDING every day while tossing the habit, i don't think it would...
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