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    2010 GT Fury Alloy

    Just for the record I never said he had to buy a 2012 Alloy Fury, that is why I showed him my XC/Super D bike that is set up very aggressive which is perfect for the trails in the area. Also if he did want to go to a Lift access park he would still be able to ride most stuff depending on his...
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    Free ride hardtail

    ok ok sorry FFT didnt know it pissed you off so much. :rolleyes: Check out this thread over on RM it has a ton of stuff to look thru...
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    Free ride hardtail

    Yes I am, sorry I don't know much about the trek or specialized line. I'm not going to go out of my way to learn another bicycle line for some random guy on the internet, to help him choose a bike. I see he comes from a BMX background so I pointed him towards a 26" bmx bike that you could put...
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    Free ride hardtail

    Check out the new 2012 line of GT 26" BMX bikes. As of now they come with a rigid fork but you could always take it off and put a nice 80mm fork on it.... "The Interceptor is a raceable bike that gets a better 100% chromoly frame, 3-piece cranks, integrated headset and higher quality...
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    Jungle Habitat - Thursday 8/11 5:45 PM

    If I can swing the time Ill come out for a ride, trying to get over a small shoulder injury :getsome:
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    So i pulled the trigger on a new bike and bought the .....

    Awesome man, always like when people are stoked outta their minds on getting a new bike! Pop a wheelie for me when you get it! - Dennis
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    Wider Bars = Awesome!

    Thats exactly what I was just going to say. might seem silly running your grips, levers and shifters in but you will get a good feel of the bar and see if you like it shorter or not. like Jeff said, the stem length has a huge part in it. Mine is 50mm short, I like it that way because I ride...
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    Wider Bars = Awesome!

    Im the same size as you (Height and weight) and have my bars are 720mm, on the DH bike they are a full 780mm. I find the 780s are just to much handle bar for the trails around here(very tight spots between trees which cause you to hit your brakes and weave thru). Plus you aren't going fast...
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    10spd Chain Compatibility

    When in doubt buy KMC, our products are compatible with all 3 brands, Shimano, SRAM and Campy.
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    2010 GT Fury Alloy

    I have been testing the 2012 Alloy Fury for some time now, the bike is a true DH machine! As great as the I-Drive system pedals it will be to much bike for the XC trails. This bike is more geared towards Diablo or Plattekill since there are uplifts. Heres my DH bike: As for the trails you...
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    Weirdo - Post from MTBR.COM

    If it was on a tuesday, they were doing trail work!
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    National Championships Updates

    The 2011 Nats were a blast! My girlfriend and I made the trip out to compete in womens cat1 XC/pro super D and I raced the cat1 19-29 Super D. Super D course was pretty tough, with a huge climb out of the start (which I blew up on :cry: and took an extra 50 seconds to climb than I did in...
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    Kids race at Jungle Habitat is April 30th!

    I'm still a kid at heart, can I race? :p
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    Where to Ride After Snow

    bump! Need to get out and ride, plans to go to rays this weekend were canceled. Where are you guys riding?
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    brand new wheels:

    500 is your lowered price? really? i dont wanna know what it was starting at
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    20TEN Video

    Thought Id share this new video I made with you guys. I know its not cross country or single speed but its bike riding at full speed. enjoy.
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    2010 Nationals- Sun Valley, July 14-17, 2011

    Where do you live? Last I checked Idaho is pretty far away about 2400 miles. Sol Vista was closer... oh man what a drive that was with a blown up knee from DH practice!
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    11/28 Jungle at NOON!

    Hey guys a couple of us will be riding JH tomorrow at noon, open invite to who ever wants to ride! Dennis
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    Party for Marty Nov. 20 - help out Cycle Boy!

    Good to know it went well! Pete has taught me a lot and took me under his wing so to say when I was younger. I donated the Haro z20 kids BMX bike, hopefully it went to a nice little kid that will start rippin on it one day! Sorry I couldn't be there for the event guys! Dennis
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    Short vid of Jungle Habitat

    lol those are red jeans, good luck finding them! hahaha
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