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  1. wingers

    Chimney Rock Conditions

    Thanks. Thought it might still be frozen on some loop areas.
  2. wingers

    Chimney Rock Conditions

    What are the current conditions at the rock? Any group rides on Sunday?
  3. wingers

    Lewis Morris Conditions

    I rode part of Patriots Path on Sunday. I Agree there were a few washouts but passable. A lot of the gravel pack has been washed away and simply a hard pack clay base. It will take some time to restore this path. The paved section from Sussex turnpike was good. But I did not go all the way to...
  4. wingers

    Lewis Morris Conditions

    What about trail conditions for Patriots Path near or going to Sussex Trpk?:cool:
  5. wingers

    What is this place like?

    Cheney: Let me know when you will try to meet on trail development. I have hiked the area before. You got my info right? Not sure I will make TM Sunday at Baldpate- a lot scheduled between kids baseball and soccer games that day.
  6. wingers

    what a mess - condition report 3.20.10

    I road on Saturday (3/27/10) along the summit and there was a number of trees still down. Especially on the connector trails (including the "u") from summit trail to the red trail. I did not ride the Ted Stiles side since it was soggy. Moved a few down tree branches off to the side and built...
  7. wingers

    What is this place like?

    Cheney He man, the former George Washington Scout reservation has a lot of potential and the view from "The Rock" is excellent. The only thing to note here is that this is Green Acres land that is under the jurisdiction of West Amwell Twp. Municipality. I would check with them prior to...
  8. wingers

    open season for bikes

    I agree need to make some trails that are SS friendly. Some mid slope runs.
  9. wingers

    Mike checkout the Knapps Facebook page. Some pictures of you on the downhill course. -Later

    Mike checkout the Knapps Facebook page. Some pictures of you on the downhill course. -Later
  10. wingers

    Who Rides Here?

    I Rode Washington Cross and then Honey Hollow area last Wed (parked at Brick Road). Both locations were very soggy in the lower areas but ok at higher elev. If your riding I would try starting at the upper parking area (Pleasant Valley Rd). Just a thought. Rain Rain go away comeback...
  11. wingers

    Smart / bald pate

    This is great news! So much potential. Count me in for TM. I am local and willing to help out. Lambertville is a link to the Sourland Mountains and this could be the start of a great trail network from Northern Mercer County to Hunterdon County. I know Knapps is very involved in this area...
  12. wingers

    Any idea about this bird ?

    Hey Dirtybert I think these buzzards were circling when you hit the ground at Chimney Rock -- Happy anniversary eh. good to have you on the trails again!
  13. wingers

    Any idea about this bird ?

    Also known as the Turkey Buzzard. FYI- There is a Mtb area in NE Ohio called vultures knob. Buzzards love rode kill
  14. wingers

    National Bike to Work Day and Week

    Im riding from Lambertville to Trenton twice this week hopefully. Taking canal path but will need to get off around Sullivan Way and West State. Should be interesting. Riding a Specialized Cyclocross. If anyone riding in this way let me know. Hey dirtybert you riding in this week on that...
  15. wingers

    Ok..This YOU will NOT belive....

    :popcorn:great story - keep the faith - just ride! Congrats on the winnnnn
  16. wingers

    Shop jersey de$ign contest..

    DB- my vote goes to your design - classic look- great for St.Patrick's Day!
  17. wingers


    I have the stella 200L , 200 lumens, a Li-ion battery - great for the trail, quick recharge. I mount mine on the helmet much better than the handle bars.
  18. wingers

    New trail(s) on Baldpate

    I would be interested in helping out. I ride hear from time to time. It is very close to home. Please put me on the list for date and times. This Sunday may not work for me.
  19. wingers

    Bike trailer recommendations

    I agree with the others, don't spend to much on the trailer. But, make sure you get one that has good clearance (ie wheel size for the chariot), especially if you plan to carry more than one child. I spent about $120 at Sports Authority. Once my son reached 3 yrs. old I also bought a...
  20. wingers

    Chris king ISO disc 26" tubeless wheelset

    Are they still available?
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