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    08 Fox float 32 fork

    fork sold
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    08 Fox float 32 fork

    I have a fox fork for sale 140mm travel. One season of xc use at washington Xing and 6 mile. When i blew out my oe dart i was stupid and purchased a fork with way to much travel. I rode it for a season and just got around to ordering another fox fork with 100mm travel. Yes I am dumb. Fork...
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    The beginning of Belle Mountain

    Took a hike up there with a friend today to check it out and its lookin awesome. Spoke with the guy operating the skidsteer for a bit it's great how stoked about it he was. Looks like i might need to start shoppin for a dj or freeride bike. I really hope this takes off like he was explaining...
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    Tour de Tinicum?

    any idea the distance of the tours
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    First century in awhile...

    you can cross at washington crossing but again its just like lambertville/new hope bridge, you'll have to walk it. Sounds like an awesome ride, I just picked up a road bike the other day and am workin my way up to some longer rides but did 30+ miles yesterday in the 80 something degree weather.
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    Diablo Tomorrow

    I'll be there ridin solo tryin to get there right around 9 (silver xc rocky mountain hardtail/4door red chevy with a cap) if you see me feel free to say whats up i'd def be down for someone to ride with on nothin to crazy. I'm gettin excited already Garrett
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    Diablo OCT 18

    def tryin to go sunday wanted to go sat but rain is in the forcast all day. how is diablo the day after it rains anybody got firsthand experience?
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    Diablo OCT 18

    no didn't make it out but i'm def goin one day next weekend are you goin at all
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    Diablo OCT 18

    i think im goin if you see the dumbass with a xc helmet and a hardtail rm come over and say hi but maybe ill try a rental
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    I think i fell in love with DH and have ?

    Correct Titusville is in NJ about a min from the washington crossing bridge and park. It was pretty funny felt pretty out of place with my hardtail, camelback and xc helmet but still loved every min. I'm looking for a used giant glory any pros or cons with that rig? Is a dh bike wieght vs. my...
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    I think i fell in love with DH and have ?

    Went to diablo for the first time last sun and had such an awesome time even riding my hardtail rm and blowing out my junk rock shok dart 2. Anyway whats the difference between a freeride and dh bike? travel? more gears? and where should i look for a decent dh bike? What brand/model do you...
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