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    WTB kids 12" wheel bike

    I have a boys HotRock 12" bike which I am looking to sell. PM me and we can go from there.
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    Eggbeater Candy C and Camelbak Classic 100oz

    Just wanted to clarify that the Camelbak does come with a 100oz bladder.
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    Eggbeater Candy C and Camelbak Classic 100oz

    Pedals sold. Camelbak still available.
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    Eggbeater Candy C and Camelbak Classic 100oz

    Looking to sell the items below Eggbeater Candy C Pedals - These have been gathering dust for at least a few years. They have been used for less than 50 miles of trail riding. Asking $25. Camelbak Classic 100oz Hydration Pack - Used a hand full of times. Asking $30.
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    Hitch installation on Subaru outback sport

    As I posted over in Mare45's thread regarding hitch racks, I recently got one installed. I also thought about installing it myself and for my particular car it said it would take about 20-30 minutes to install and that no drilling was required. I found a couple of hitches online for around...
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    Hitch Rack Questions

    I just purchased a minivan and had a hitch put on. I went with this hitch rack: My previous car had a roof rack which I thought was very convenient. The only issue with my hitch rack is that the minivan can't fit in the...
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    Photo printer help

    I have a Canon PIXMA Pro9000 for sale if you are interested. Check your PM.
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    SPDs with optional grip?

    Shimano M424 I have these which my wife used for a short time. Sent you a PM, let me know if you are interested.
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    Newbie from blackwood

    Hey There. I don't live in Blackwood but I have a couple of friends who do. I think they are on this board but don't know how often they check the site. I ride with them at CCC about once a month. Next time we are riding there I will try to get in touch with you and you can meet up with us...
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    bike rack for pickup truck

    I agree with Manny. I did the same thing to fit 2 bikes into the back of my SUV. I bought 2 fork mounts and 2 wheel holders for about $45 and mounted them on a piece of wood. Probably the best solution for you if you don't want to pay for a hitch rack.
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    Verizon Fios vs Cablevision

    Switched from Comcast to Fios I moved last year and at my old house in Franklin Park I had Comcast. I had the cable, internet and phone from Comcast and didn't have HBO or any other movie channels and I had 1 dvr box. I signed up for Fios when I moved. I got all three sevices from Verizon...
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    Camelbaks for sale

    Online Deal on Camelbaks Kids.Woot and Sellout.Woot have camelbaks on sale today. I am not sure if they are specifically for biking but looks like it might be a good deal.
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    Looking for a new saddle

    I also had a Cannondale saddle which I replaced. I did the demo program at The demo costs $75 and they will send you around 10 saddles. You get a week to try them out before returning all the saddles. If you pick one of the saddles...
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    Crank Brothers Pedals

    Tim, I have a pair of blue Candy C pedals. I probably used them for less then 100 miles. I also went back to Shimanos. You can have them for $55. PM me. Himanshu.
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    Hockey Anyone???

    Roller Hockey Hey Manny, I live in the Princeton Area as well and there is no roller hockey near by. I have been looking for something about 30 minutes driving but haven't had any luck. I used to play at Extremes in Bridgewater before it closed down. I think the closest place now is Inman...
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    Mercer County Beginner Ride & TM Session

    Maybe Next Time I will be riding MCP around 8am but due to prior commitments won't be able to make the TM session. I moved to Princeton Junction earlier this summer and live about a mile from the park. However due to all the rain we've had and a busy work schedule, I probably have gotten in 3...
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    Blue Trail - Muddy Section

    Thanks for the info guys. I will use the road route. I wish I would have know this on Saturday, lots of mosquitoes in that swampy section.
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    Blue Trail - Muddy Section

    Hi, I have ridden Mercer County Park many time before but stick mostly to the areas near the marina and tennis courts. I have ridden the other side of the park a couple of times but always get lost near the muddy section on the blue trail where it meets up with the red trail (Q-8 on the...
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