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    What Bird Did You See Today?

    I saw a road runner, and two scissor-tailed fly catchers. In North Texas where I live now. I sure miss the North/Stephens/Deer Park area. Flat as a plate of piss down here.
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    Any scotch/whisky drinkers in here?

    Pricey but worth it. Available in 375mm bottles at the liquor store in High Bridge.
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    Trail conditions at Deer Park or Stephans

    Mud Season It's just about March, which has to be about the worst month for riding in NJ. The best you can do is hope for cold overnight temps and get out before everything softens up around mid morning or so. Last year March was warm and dry, and if I remember correctly the parks were in...
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    Traffic ticket for bike rack

    roof rack If you don't mind getting crud all over your car after a muddy ride, a roof rack is the way to go. Just don't pull into the garage with the bikes up there.
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    Does anyone remember...

    First Girlfriend You just reminded me of my first girlfriend, Barbara. The summer I was 15, I'd ride every evening to her house about 3 or 4 miles away on my Raleigh Record. I'd ride home later in the dark, my trusty gen-set lighting the way. There was even a little tail light in the back...
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    Ever bump into mountain unicycle folk? I was in Deer Park some years ago and ran into a gang of about a dozen mountain unicyclists. I haven't seem them again since. But, apparently it's a thing, mountain unicylcing, there was an article in Dirt Rag a couple years ago about unicycling across...
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    cycling: baggy or tight?

    Gotta try bib shorts All my winter tights are bibs, but I haven't tried bib shorts. Afraid the extra fabric on my abdomen will feel too warm and sweaty in the hot weather, but I like the idea of losing the waist band. I wear baggies on family rail-trail rides so as not to embarass my kids...
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    Looking for a solid North loop

    Start on the Tranquility side Parking on the Tranquility side gives you a shot at some of the smoother, less rocky stuff, but also gives you the opportunity to get at the best technical stuff, some of which, quite frankly, is beyond me (Candy Ass, Lumpy). Try to include Cardiac and Cardiac...
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    Recovery Foods

    After riding, I prefer a malt-based recovery beverage.;)
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    Cool, Eastern Box Turtles I've heard that this turtle is in decline in NJ, but I see them once in a while. I saw one burying eggs along the railroad tracks near the trestle in Stephens a few months ago.
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    How many of you ride solo and how often?

    Mostly ride alone I actually prefer to ride alone most of the time. But, discretion being the better part of valor, I avoid riding Allamuchy North by myself on a weekday afternoon in the winter, for instance. They'll find your frozen lifeless body in the spring.
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    New to the mtbnj

    Nice ride, isn't it? I love mine. It stays hooked up on climbs so much better than my old 26-er Epic, and is surprisingly nimble. Wired to my brain. I sometimes miss the rear suspension on downhills, but that's a small sacrifice compared to everything I like about going to a 29-er hardtail.
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    Hello from NW NJ

    Deer Park You can't go wrong with Deer Park (part of Allamuchy, access from county 517). It has some stuff that's not so different from spinning on a rail trail, but also some more interesting stuff too, and the climbing is reasonable. Kittatinny also has a good mix of beginner...
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    No pics but... Last night in Stephens, I saw a scarlet tanager, heard but did not see a pileated woodpecker, and in one of the little ponds by Lake Tilcon saw a glossy ibis. What the heck, a glossy ibis like 75 miles inland? That's a first for me. And, when I stopped for a bio break, I...
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    Many thanks...

    +1 for Stratocaster Just on the off chance he's lurking...Thanks Dude! I tore up Stephens for over two hours last night. Weather was awesome, trails were in great shape. Sunset trail was the best - breeze was blowing, slanting sunlight was beautiful - just a great ride. I don't think I saw...
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    Allamuchy Wed 6/27

    Anyone want to ride with me this afternoon about 5:30? Allamuchy - Stephens - Deer Park or even Kittatiny. I'm a solid intermediate rider, just not real fast, looking for about a 2 hour ride. I'll probably go into Stephens from the iron gate if I don't hear from anyone. Should be a real nice...
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    Recommend chain lube?

    Boeshield T-9 Seems to work great on the mountain bike - chain stays pretty clean and shiny. But, on my road bike, not so good. The chain gunks up and turns black and sticky. Now, I'd think mtb would be the more difficult environment, but no. So, does anyone else find the T-9 mucks up the...
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    Allamuchy Thursday Rides 2012

    I'm in Duh, would have helped if I'd read the whole post. I'm up for a lap of Deer Park, w/o lights. See ya Thursday.
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    Allamuchy Thursday Rides 2012

    Lights? Lights required? Or finish before dark? Given that the days are not that long yet, maybe aim for a 5:30 start?
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    Favorite Nutella concoction

    My son likes it spread on crispy bacon slices.
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