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  1. t.wach

    Highbridge this Sunday ...

    Where can I find pictures?
  2. t.wach

    2 Brand New Kenda Nevegals

    Did you end up getting rid of the tires?
  3. t.wach

    Dumptruck is newly updated...

    I will be riding there today at 430pm if anyone wants to meet up, I will be in a silver truck riding a trance
  4. t.wach

    2 Brand New Kenda Nevegals

    Okay just let me know
  5. t.wach

    2 Brand New Kenda Nevegals

    You still have those tires?
  6. t.wach

    Trail Map

    I am hoping to get out and ride here sometime this week. Where would be the best place to park?
  7. t.wach

    How not to ride a bridge

    The gay ref was hilarious! :rofl:
  8. t.wach


    Thanks, ill think ill just do that
  9. t.wach


    IS ringwood ridable without studded tires?
  10. t.wach

    1/10-11 Field Reports????

    Just got back from the top of skyline drive. the single track up there is fine but the fireroads and the road around the lake is a complete sheet of ice. I guess you would be fine with studded tires It was an awesome ride though in the snow! I started at the top and took the yellow trail down...
  11. t.wach

    Ringwood Trail Building Continues July 26 & 27!

    I should be there for tomorrow
  12. t.wach

    Family Guy/Gal Ride 1: Ringwood 7/5

    That means it is still on?
  13. t.wach

    Mtbnj Trip To Diablo

    Can i use my XC bike for this? It has 5 inches of travel. If so should i make the suspension softer?
  14. t.wach

    Friday afternoon

    I might be able to get up there around two. I have ridden there twice so i kind of know the trails. Ill know tomorrow if i can make it.
  15. t.wach

    Dark Horse Reports

    Are there any pictures for sport anywhere?
  16. t.wach

    RVCC Trail Work this week

    Finals for school are tomorrow and ill need to study so unfortunatly i cant make tonight. After this week though i should be able to make any time during the week.
  17. t.wach

    Some new motocross pics from Nate

    Ever year i go up to Unadilla and watch the races. So much fun! The smell of the bikes is my favorite part.
  18. t.wach

    NYCMTB All-City XC 2008 Mountain Bike Race at Highbridge Park

    I marked this one on my calender. Ill be there!
  19. t.wach

    Dark Horse Reports

    You did get an awesome spot by the bathrooms though.
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