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  1. PatrickBrown

    Farewell Chris Schilling

    Sad news, never met him, however you all and friends of mine spoke greatly of him. my condolences and R.I.P.
  2. PatrickBrown

    Send all your thoughts & prayers to Schilling

    So sad to hear about this, sending positive vibes, thoughts and prayers.
  3. PatrickBrown

    Ships Log: Fat Aircraft carrier war games

    :drooling: OH the things I would do for one of these!!.
  4. PatrickBrown

    Tour De France 2014

    whats a good solid live feed recommendation? Pat
  5. PatrickBrown

    Carpenter for Hire

    Oh darn, I didn't know you were coming back into the home repair biz and I just paid a scrub for some deck repairs. Would have much rather given the money to you
  6. PatrickBrown

    Rahway River Crit accident - Ambrose Stafford

    the first post on this page here Jersey Peleton Appear that he is in medical induced coma at the moment. Never met the guy but this sucks royally.
  7. PatrickBrown

    Flight 370 or Mini Utah?

    If they are hiking, they can do no wrong! if they had their MTBs in the cargo hold.... Allaire is doomed
  8. PatrickBrown

    Flight 370 or Mini Utah?

    I heard that flight 370 was found at Allaire airport
  9. PatrickBrown

    You Spill Spoons Poll

    the company I work for wouldn't buy spoons for us, unless its left over from when corporate has a lunch here
  10. PatrickBrown

    Strictly METAL

    Shit, March 28th...... I'll be in L.A. with Garrett.
  11. PatrickBrown

    Strictly METAL

    When is this show? I'd love to see these guys again. it has to be at least 15+ years since the last time.
  12. PatrickBrown

    Cannondale Super X, 56cm

    DAMN ...... I want this! too bad for me
  13. PatrickBrown

    Did you ride today?

    Again today.... iPhone video....
  14. PatrickBrown

    Did you ride today?

    I have seen the big box trucks that move them from site to site. I have also seen a dude riding a bike towing a trailer which had 4 citibikes on it. I have also seen a small minivan which was vinyl wrapped with CitiBike all over it and there was a guy actually work on a bike at the kiosk. I'm...
  15. PatrickBrown

    Did you ride today?

    There is a truck that comes around and services them. not sure how often though. I have seen it once
  16. PatrickBrown

    Did you ride today?

    Thank you Sir! they chains and gears are enclosed in a sweet housing but who knows how well it keeps the elements out. so I suppose...uhh dey just get rusty, and tires just get flat and the kiosks just don't work and........ but I like dem
  17. PatrickBrown

    Did you ride today?

    I rode the citibike.... errrrday....
  18. PatrickBrown

    Who has the lowest user number?

    Mine says 90?
  19. PatrickBrown

    The smell of hibachi on your clothes the next morning

    Tejas!! Blackened chicken fajitas.....
  20. PatrickBrown

    2013 Review and 2014 Plans

    2013 We had our 2nd kid so I planned on taking the year as a loss, but I ended up meeting up with Bobke and he showed me the Central park NYC riding scene and I ended up still managing just a hair under 2000 miles for the year. 99% of those mikes were on the road though. 2014 goals are...
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