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    Sorry if you already received my question but, do you have the stand-over? Thanks Kevin

    Sorry if you already received my question but, do you have the stand-over? Thanks Kevin
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    *Sold* Soma Double Cross Cantilever 54cm, $650 (originally $850) *Sold*

    Hello, Is this still available?
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    SOLD!! - Manitou Tower 29er Fork - $175

    Hello What's the travel 100 or 120? Thanks Kevin
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    Some real good deals on steep & cheap right now on mtb stuff, across the board. What caught my eyes was lake winter boots for $119. they have the boa system, not sure how they are in the snow but it seems like a good deal.
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    Running With the Foghorn Leghorn

    Bummed I wasn't able to make it but I'm not surprised the race was a success... I've not been to an MTBNJ race/event where I wasn't looking forward to the next one on the drive home. well done!
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    That Mooch H2H Race now has an Endurance Class

    Great day, atmosphere, support and course... Thank you for a really well run race! I didn't do as well as I'd hoped but wasn't there for that :). That ham, egg and cheese sandwich was the best meal I've had in a long, long while.
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    Philly Multi-park Ride

    Thanks Ken, it was great meeting you and everyone and I really appreciate the tour of Belmont and Cresh! oh, and thanks for waiting for me!
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    Weber 18.5" Charcoal Grill, NEW in box

    Hello, is this still available?
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    Going Long and Hard.

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    Going Long and Hard.

    Jim, A little ways back you mentioned you were going to try a stans and gorilla tape tubless set-up, how has it worked? Thanks!
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    2015 MTBNJ Event Calendar

    This looks great, thanks!
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    Yes, they will be @ the Academy of Music in Philly, not sure of the date but I thinks around that same time.
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    Know Your Fellow MTBNJers Series: What Do You Do For Twerk?

    When I'm not trying to accumulate as many scars on my legs as possible, I'm a rail clearance engineer, working with a regional/national railroad. I deal with moving high, wide & heavy shipments, new construction of cars, maintenance of way equipment, locomotives and facilities. Been doing this...
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    29" fork

    Looking for a straight, non-tapered 29" fork. 100mm. QR. at least 7" steerer, preferably more. good shape. anyone have 1 laying around? Thankya
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    Bearscat 50

    Ryan, That is crazy and amazing!
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    MASS Fair Hill XC Recaps

    Great podium Robin, the 3 of you were running strong! I dnf'd. 2nd lap, last stream xing with the submerged concrete slabs, must've hit a point and had a flat that wouldn't seal. left the xtra tube in my car because i never flat.
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    LBD '14

    Wow, great job!!
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    Wissahickon Valley Park, Philly, PA

    It certainly is!!
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    What are the First Album(s) You've Ever Bought?

    The Monkees
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    Well done!
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