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  1. Mongoose Rider

    Intermediate ride Monday morning or early afternoon?

    Anyone up for a ride Memorial day either in the morning or in the afternoon? I'd be up for a ride tonight if anyone is interested but there isn't much time left for that. Let me know.
  2. Mongoose Rider

    Motos in Allaire

    Motos... So you're saying we shouldn't send the wookie in to rip their limbs off and hang each extremity at each entrance to the park? Hey if it works for England it should work for us... J/k ;)
  3. Mongoose Rider

    Recent trail conditions at allaire

    Schmitty! Whats up bro! It'll be good to get back to see you guys again.
  4. Mongoose Rider

    Recent trail conditions at allaire

    Hey guys, Long time no see, I have been insanely busy and haven't been able to make any of the previous rides this year. I am pushing my responsibilities aside to make it today but I am just curious how the trails are? I had some pretty strong rain yesterday in Ocean county. How likely is...
  5. Mongoose Rider


    Thanks Frank! We had a good time and it's rewarding giving back to the park. Wish I could go tonight but it's my sons birthday. Maybe next time. Thanks again,
  6. Mongoose Rider

    Allaire Tuesday Beginner Group Rides return!

    FYI- Hospital Rd is open!
  7. Mongoose Rider

    Allaire Tuesday Beginner Group Rides return!

    Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Mongoose Rider

    Allaire Tuesday Beginner Group Rides return!

    So what's the final outcome? Is there a ride or not? Is there a trail maintenance?
  9. Mongoose Rider

    Back yard ponds...

    Love the wildlife!
  10. Mongoose Rider

    Group ride 5-24-2011

    Just wanted to say that I had great ride tonight! Kicked my butt tonight for some reason but a great time none-the-less.:D
  11. Mongoose Rider

    Back yard ponds...

    That's a beautiful setup. I have a small (~200 gallons) pond that is also in it's second season. Nothing as fancy as that. I find it very relaxing too. Except when my waterfall shifts and I lose half of my watet:cry: that wasn't fun!
  12. Mongoose Rider

    Allaire TM May 15th

    See you there! Well you can count me in! See everyone there. Ride after as usual I imagine...
  13. Mongoose Rider

    A day in the Horse Track

    Not to feed into it but can't they use some kind of contraption that catches the poop like the horses in the city???:confused: hey well at least the poop might hold the sand together right? And it does kinda add a little bit of a technical challenge I guess! So the more poop the merrier...
  14. Mongoose Rider

    Anyone up for a ride tomorrow? (10-13-10)

    I am hoping to get ride time in tomorrow. Don't really care what time. Any up for it? Kenny
  15. Mongoose Rider

    Saturday 10/25 Allaire 0700 hrs Hospital Lot

    0700 is a bit early for my blood... Anyone riding around 11:00-12:00?
  16. Mongoose Rider

    Friday evening ride?

    If anyone is interested in a ride Friday evening post up... Start time can be anytime 5-6pm is ideal.
  17. Mongoose Rider

    Beginner to Intermediate Paced ride for Thursday night?

    Anyone gonna be around for a ride Thursday evening? (9-23-10) I can do any time. A little earlier than the usual 6pm gig will give us more riding time but 6 is fine if it has to be. Hope to see some of you there.
  18. Mongoose Rider

    Last Tuesday Beginner Ride

    Great ride! As usual a good time. Shmitty, thanks for the leadership! Frank thanks for the season. Hope to be able to see you guys on the weekend rides. If not, have a safe winter.
  19. Mongoose Rider

    Last Tuesday Beginner Ride

    Been a long time... It's been a crazy summer for me so I have missed most of the rides but I am hoping to make it out for at least the last ride of the year. Hope to see you guys and girls out there.
  20. Mongoose Rider

    Thursday night ride... 6-17-10

    Thanks for that reassurance... The next Thursday I am not working I will definitely ride out with you guys. See yah there...
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