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  1. TommyCrash

    PLEASE HELP Avoid trail closure.

    I just came back from there and apparantly this must be already in effect? I didnt take a picture but they had signs on trees as soon as you come in from Canal Rd with steel mesh on it so you can't tamper with the signs. Signs read, "this section closed to ALL Public use."
  2. TommyCrash

    The Base-In-Your-Face Online Winter Race

    10x Googleplex points!!! You Win!! That's some funny Sh*t!!
  3. TommyCrash

    What does it take shine up a park?

    You Said Ginker It was also interesting to find what we used to call the ginker section, which was this massive hole in the ground where people had camp fires and partied. Wow! Ginker. That's so East Brunswick. BTW: I'm still a Ginker, except that I don't 'smoke' anymore, don't wear...
  4. TommyCrash


    Just got done walking 6Mile (27 side) with the Wifey (10 year anniversary today!!! Yippee!) and the conditions are great!! I might go back later with the bicycle this time. Enjoy if you go.
  5. TommyCrash

    A message to the angry spandex brigade!

    Who needs Comedy Central when you got a douchebracket stirrin the pot on a first post. I knew it was going to go downhill fast. Great read. I live for those first dumbass posts. Thanks to everyone who responded. :D
  6. TommyCrash

    Tire Selection

    They still make 26" tires:rolleyes: Sorry, just being a douchey douche
  7. TommyCrash

    Black Friday @ Halters

    :cry: Boo Hoo Hoo, Boo Hoo Hoo.:cry: I'll get you a box of tissues the next time I see you. Can I help get that Rock off you that you've been hiding under, douchy douche. Happy Thanksging BTW
  8. TommyCrash

    Hunting facts for 6 mile:

    Most of the hunters that I run into in any of the parking lots are friendlyish. It is a little distressing to see shotgun shells on the trail though. That's why I usually wear my bright florescent don't shoot me shirt:)
  9. TommyCrash

    26 vs. 29er conclusion!!!

    Thanks. I've just spent the last hour watching Stupid Orange. :drooling: Thanks really. That's some funny stuff. My daughter and I have been rolling
  10. TommyCrash

    29er observation

    I was going with the collider too but I'm slow and stupid. My wife doesn't want me any more or less since I have a 9r. I tried that and it didn't work. I'm running out of options. Dammit!
  11. TommyCrash

    29" Rigid SS. Mary or Unit?

    Mary and don't look back Mary, if the bike wasn't a girls name, it wouldn't be so easy. Buy one. Done. No worrys. Little to no maintenance. Don't take my word for it, check out a lot of peeps on this forum that did. First in the stable, second in the stable, you can't go wrong. So do the right...
  12. TommyCrash

    VPP, FSR,DW, CVA, Maestro, Single pivot,??

    Suspension? You had me at boobies! Oh my, those celestrial orbs of harmony and you're worried about suspension design? And beer! Who could forget about beer? Suspension? Totally over rated. Suspension?! Nah.
  13. TommyCrash

    Did everyone make it out before the storms?

    Safely:hmmm: Didn't you bang up a rib or something?:rolleyes:
  14. TommyCrash

    Headed out for my first full loop in a bit!

    I'd love to go but I'm on Daddy Duty tonight. I met you today at the shop. Enjoy the experience. When the lights go on it's a different world. Be safe, have fun.
  15. TommyCrash

    My Wife Rules

    +1 on the wife rules. I just turned 40 and she wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday. I told her I'd like to go riding. We took a family vacation to to Virginia and West Virginia so I can do just that. AND..she gave me the greatest gift, of giving me the ok to get a motorcycle again after...
  16. TommyCrash

    Too much to ask?

    I should be at 6Mile on Monday afternoon after 2. Shoot me a PM if you want to give my Mary a ride. I'll go along with you. Its a 18 frame but then again so is the 'village ride.' :popcorn:
  17. TommyCrash

    Coming Clean

    We all have our Monkeys on our backs (beer here) but I quit smoking because I couldn't keep up and just felt like shit while I rode. And I liked riding more than smoking. Good luck. You're not alone!! Post up when you feel the need and need a hand.
  18. TommyCrash

    What's the Deal with 29rs?

    Not again! Nothing like stirring the pot
  19. TommyCrash


    Nothing makes me happier:) Thanks guys. If it could only be so swift outside of here.
  20. TommyCrash


    Hey SirCrashalot Bob, your root took someonr out, bad. Sorry to hear and watch you get hurt. I've witnessed tires sliding and squirming on that root. Get well soon and get back and ride!
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