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    Group Ride Saturday 5/15

    Was so great to get out and see everyone again..Really enjoyed the womens ride..thanks Kristine !!!
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    Saying good bye to the best riding partner ever

    Thank you everyone who remembered and commented abt Katy. It’s gona take time to get used to... we r missing her terribly.
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    Bikes, Bellies and Beyond

    You know every situation is going to b different. With my son in my belly i was hiking up the Delaware water gap... With my daughter i had bad back pain & it was rough. Dont put pressure on yourself . Be healthy, happy & most important enjoy the process w your babies. Its demanding but a special...
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    Short track love!

    I really had a great time doing the 1st race. Im a bit out of shape so it was a good workout & totally fun. I love seeing everyone who shows up. Old friends & new friends.....I've been talking to some girls so i know they will be coming to the next ones. Yaya !!!! I will miss the 2nd one but...
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    When we riding again?

    When we riding again?
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    Girls Guts Glory Duathlon 2016

    Im interested in doing this. It is certain to be good for MY mental health, as well as a chance for some fun ...a great cause too
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    To all my 2 wheeled brothers and sisters...

    Thank u . Thank u ,,,,hope yall had a wonderful Christmas as well. Xx
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    JORBA Jungle Jam October 11, 2015

    Had a great time seeing everyone & the girls ride was the icing on the cake!!
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    Do women's winter shoes exist?

    Whatever she gets make sure shes got enough room for toe warmers. I never go without them. Get the ones that stick to the socks or they bunch up. Thats my 2 cents.
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    Are Flu Shots Mind Control?

    Yep ... Hosp makes me get it every year. All i get from that is a sore arm. Owwww. Im still on the fence anout kids getting it. Leaning towards not.
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    Farewell Chris Schilling

    He will live on in our hearts forever, and he will be on every ride...
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    Send all your thoughts & prayers to Schilling

    He is one of us, family. I didnt know him as well as all of u but enough that i really liked him alot & wouldve loved to know him better as i would all of u. As i keep telling Matt-- i worked for years in a neuro unit. I have seen many horrible headinjuries. I have seen people who i thought were...
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    Helping out a friend in the bike community

    @ReggieHammond your up my friend !!!
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    What if Jungle Habitat was closed to mountain bikers?

    Ahhhh. Finally some justice in the world
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    2015 Stewart 45 Live Blog Post

    Wow. Loving these pics
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    girl on a fat bike

    Yes def test some out first. Good luck. Shes lucky to have such a dad as u.
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    MTBNJ Storms the Kingdom!

    Really enjoyed being up there in beautiful Vermont with team .. My new iphone s out of commission but will try to post some pics soon. We should make this a yearly event. :)
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    If you could do a guided mtb ride of any nj park, which one would you choose?

    It's all my fault..always inviting the boys, I mean men.
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    Ball python, tank & accessories $100 or BO

    Of course.... I'd be glad to see him get a good home. We can PM or text have Matts #
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    Ball python, tank & accessories $100 or BO

    beautiful snake. Mommies tired of caring for everyone's pets though. Great eater, healthy & gentle. Like me.
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