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  1. KiteCrasher

    Any Tech Divers here? Selling my extra doubles

    I'm selling by backup doubles. In great shape almost never used. Mostly training at Dutch Spings. E8-119 Doubles: $400 for the setup, OBO. (could be split into two great single tanks) • E8-119 • Halcyon Manifold - Din • Highland Mills Bands • Pressed Steel • Hot Dip External Galvanized...
  2. KiteCrasher

    29er Wheels and Other Stuff

    Bump, lowered the asking.
  3. KiteCrasher

    Cannondale F5 Medium

    It's still available. I'll PM you with my cell so your friend can call. Jeff
  4. KiteCrasher

    Cannondale F5 Medium

    Great 1st mountain bike, used mostly at 6-Mile. In very good condition but has the usual scratches in the usual places. Was my wife’s before she got her Rush. Bought and maintained at Bike N Gear. SOLD
  5. KiteCrasher

    29er Wheels and Other Stuff

    Pre-Spring cleaning, gotta get rid of some extra gear. 1. Easton EA 70 XC 29er Wheel Set • SOLD 2. Shimano CS-HG81-10, 10 Speed Cassette 11-36t • Minimal use at 6-Mile Run on my extra wheels. • Asking $20 3. Thompson Elite 31.6X410 Seatpost • SOLD 4. Maxxis CrossMark 29x2.10...
  6. KiteCrasher

    Awesome give-away [#2]

    Bike rack thingy [waiting to hear back from whomever was supposed to pick it up] If whomever doesn't pick this up I'll take it. Jeff
  7. KiteCrasher

    Ultra light 29er build kit (including Stans ZTR Race)

    I'll take the martas. Jeff
  8. KiteCrasher

    Name suggstions for youth MTB Camp

    A friend set one of these up in Ottawa Ontario Park donated all kids of tools & work stands to help her get the chapeter started. Perhaps they would do the same for your organisation.
  9. KiteCrasher

    Dell IPS monitor

    I'll take it. My wife is a Photog/Photoshop nut and needs a new monitor badly. I'm in Somerset and can meet you anyplace to pick it up. Thanks Jeff
  10. KiteCrasher

    Jersey Devil Century 9/18

    Sounds like a plan. I've got a nice bike rack that will fit both 1-1/4" and 2" receivers. I'll PM my cell to work out the details. Jeff
  11. KiteCrasher

    Jersey Devil Century 9/18

    Anyone planning on doing this tour, I’m looking for a friendly group to join, 15 or 16 mph easy cruise. Thanks Jeff
  12. KiteCrasher

    Scuba gear

    I have an extra set of top of the line double tanks (2 E-119 HP Tanks), including bands and halcyon manifold, might even have an extra Oxycheck wing. Can keep as doubles or separated into two very nice single tanks. Send me a PM if interested. Jeff
  13. KiteCrasher

    post your century rides.

    My first 100 miler this past June.
  14. KiteCrasher

    Fox Float RP23

    Looking for Fox Float RP23 rear shock with an eye-to-eye of 7.9" and a stroke of 2.0". It’s for a friends C’Dale Prophet. He wants a replacement shock with a lock out. New, used, fine by him. Thanks
  15. KiteCrasher

    Your last chance to join the TD Five Boro NYC tour

    If both packets are still up for grabs I'll take them.
  16. KiteCrasher

    Mountain Bike Quantum Physics Amazing!
  17. KiteCrasher

    6 Miles Has a Bear

    Roadies aren’t afraid of bears
  18. KiteCrasher

    Thule T2 Rack

    Sent Pm
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