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  1. Señor Aguas

    Main Lot Squirrel Theif

    I left my passenger side door open and he sneaked in and ate half of my banana. He also chewed up my shifter boot up rather nicely. I knew this beforehand by a nice note left on my windshield.
  2. Señor Aguas

    Roller Racing at Second Life Bikes. March 1st.

    I will most definitely be there spectating and a great time to catch up and commiserate over this really light winter we are having.
  3. Señor Aguas

    You May Know Me.

    You know I don't speak Spanish. I am Mark Waters. I am finally on the board. With all this rain lately what do you think the conditions will be at Six Mile? Looking forward to some fall riding. Everyone tells me I need to start racing cyclocross.
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