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    Chain Wax Discussion thread

    I have the small Harbor Freight one and it's...ok, but I've been considering something larger/more powerful. Most of what people suggest is just the random Amazon/Ebay models and getting something that fits the largest parts that you'd want to put in there. One person on another forum was using...
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    Allamuchy North Route Recommendations

    Are we talking about this Earthworm? Never heard that name in all of the years I've been riding there. Edit: Still recall getting lost riding there years ago and winding up in some of the boy scouts area. Ran into a guy there who was NOT...
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    So what did you break this time??

    I know there's at least one generation of Shimano levers that's notorious for that. Assuming yours fall into that group?
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    Roll Call - Mountain Creek - Friday, May 19th

    I haven't ridden that bridge in years, but it definitely felt ready to be condemned at the time. I'm surprised it's still open.
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    Roll Call - Mountain Creek - Friday, May 19th

    Rode Friday and Sunday. Trails are so dry and rough I'm having a bit of a hard time getting into it this season, but still enjoying it. I think it's the same every year where I start to feel really good on the trail bike and then Mt Creek is still a total shock to the system.
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    What are you watching now?

    Make that 15 minutes into the first for me.
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    Allamuchy North Route Recommendations

    That's pretty similar to my normal loop although I'll sometimes park at that pull out on 517. Generally don't do the section with ice cream, but had a bit more time this day. (I think all of this terrain is legit but if not let me know and I'll take it down).
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    Tell me where you rode today...

    So, so dusty.
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    The DIY thread - DIYourself

    Looks great. Was that Hearne hardwoods? I've been meaning to get there at some point.
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    Car-spotting thread

    They always remind me of the scene in a TV show where one of the characters is a struggling actor and they finally land the most humiliating possible paying gig...commercial that plays on a gas pump.
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    Loose shock bolt?

    Came across this, which is basically identical to my problem (they test it the same way that I did just before the 2:00 mark): Going with the expensive option of a new Ohlins shock, mostly because it's an excuse to buy a fancy shock, but I'll be sending in the Float X to Fox for service/repair.
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    A/C repair and replacement

    I strongly considered it, but ultimately it wasn't that much more money to have someone else do it (in my case with a single head). The multi head units do have some drawbacks so I'd definitely be sure that it makes sense in your case. This blog is a great resource and there are others that I...
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    Post a picture of your next bike part or mtb gear on order!

    On sale, couldn't help it.
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    Trail Boss Academy at Mountain Creek

    I'd probably be in as well, depending on timing. Regarding the Mt creek event, I'm pretty sold on the Saturday class but on the fence about Sunday. Would say that I'm a pretty fundamentally sound rider who's done a few other riding school things but I'm pretty much beginner level for jumps and...
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    What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

    I've been taking fewer work trips up to MA so I don't have my previous Treehouse supply, but I'm really enjoying the stuff that I've found locally from Equilibrium.
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    Loose shock bolt?

    I was able to press everything out without too much issue. change, still something knocking. Guess I'll try a shock air can service next since I at least know how to remove the hardware! Edit: didn't replace any of the air can seals because everything looked fine. Going to see if I can...
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    Loose shock bolt?

    I had to put this aside for a few days due to my level of annoyance. I ordered an air can service kit and also replacement shock bushing hardware, figuring it wasn't a bad idea to have those on hand even if they weren't necessary to solve the current issue. Interestingly, the inside bore of...
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    Mt Creek US Downhill National

    That's a huge part of the value, just spending a couple of days focusing on your riding with a group. I'll probably sign up mostly for that reason (and Jeff is a really nice guy, so I'm sure it would be fun).
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    Mt Creek US Downhill National

    Not totally related to the national, but has anyone done the Lenosky riding clinic/camp thing? I'm considering signing up for this year. I did the Shaums March one a few years ago which was cool, as well as a few others over the years, so I have pretty decent fundamentals, but tend to ride well...
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    Mt Creek US Downhill National

    I'd looked at the registration and had missed some of these guys because I'd assumed they'd be in Pro Men UCI, but Asa at least is registered as Cat 1 15-16. Understand that maybe the UCI rules don't allow him in that category due to age. Pretty tough to be another Cat 1 junior...competing...
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