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  1. pibbles

    Bad Driving

    And its always a prius!
  2. pibbles

    Winter Rides

    Not gonna make it. Stayed up as long as I could but gettin up for work at 2am takes a toll. Shoulda asked earlier in the week...catch ya next time
  3. pibbles

    What have you done to your bike today?

    I bought the same bike last year, just ordered the generator hub and light for it along with equipment to charge phone and computer. Also fenders and bags for rando rides...
  4. pibbles

    Winter Rides

    We setting a time for this shin dig?
  5. pibbles

    New Jersey Outdoor Recreation Study

    Being it the great state of new jersey i was waiting for the questionairre to ask how I identify cuz I realllly wanted to write analog mtn bike for an answer at some point...
  6. pibbles

    Ceres Trail Conditions

    Iknow the history, with ya on the leaf blower, got like 5 trees in one spot that should come out cuz hike a bike aint fun and a big step leading up to it that is a pedal strike everytime. I see alot of downhill bikes /ebikes there and they dont really use that area of the park so me and the...
  7. pibbles

    Ceres Trail Conditions

  8. pibbles

    Ceres Trail Conditions

    Hit this with the grandson last couple of weeks. Question, anyone doing any maintenance other than leaf blowing a couple of trails? Noticed quite a bit closed off due to trees down, any planned maintenance, or am i good to clear some stuff?
  9. pibbles

    Post Your Doggo [woof]

    Happy 14 to my Abigail!
  10. pibbles

    Belleplain SF Conditions

    So. Some a-hole cut out all the trees and laurel bushes out of Allens alley. For those that are unaware. This part of the park is kinda hard to clear without dabbing. Many people find it challenging and have a good time trying to improve their skills. Lately many trees are spray painted and many...
  11. pibbles

    Tell me where you rode today...

    Ride w grandson today
  12. pibbles

    Another Cyclist Murdered

    How bout vegans with guns that do crossfit?
  13. pibbles

    Winter Rides

    Thanks again for putting this ride together Jim! Awesome riding with great people, everyone seemed to have a good time and loved what you did with the weather! Perfect.
  14. pibbles


    Grandson told me thats a good lookin bike! Sold by the time he went to dm you. Bought a salsa last week. Glws.
  15. pibbles

    Wharton Conditions

    Yup. Too late. The Wharton 40 went through it. Trails were awesome! Helluva job on the bridge dude!
  16. pibbles

    Biggest loser

    My doc martens add like 25 lbs to my weight. But they come up to my thighs.
  17. pibbles

    Another Cyclist Murdered

    Old enough to drive, old enough to get dragged out of the car...
  18. pibbles

    Winter Rides

    Waxing my mukluk now...
  19. pibbles

    Gravel bike recommendations...

    My surly straggler that I purchased last year has 41s' on it set up tubeless. I m using it as my road bike as the cannondale race bike is very uncomfortable after 100 miles and the typical rando rides call for some extra comfort. Add to the fact that Cumberland county shoulders are basically a...
  20. pibbles

    Things that make you frown :(

    Turns out my positive result was from the test at work over 2 weeks ago. They never told me of the positive result until it was way too late so now my wife got it and I think i was re-infected. Taking 3 days off anyhow to make sure, and make sure wifey is good. Work will let me use my sick time...
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