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  1. AJDMtnBiker

    Slaying the Dragon - @Sterling

    The legend is real… Mike Porraro cleared it couple years ago.
  2. AJDMtnBiker

    Front 26" Disc QR wheel

    Sorry couldn't find where to send a PM I have a wtb frequency i23 rim on xt hub, used but true.
  3. AJDMtnBiker

    Ringwood State Park Conditions

    Rode skylands trails last night and it looks like someone vandalized one of the newly rock armored sections. many of the large rocks were overturned and piles also placed mid trail to block riders. We cleared it and did our best to patch holes but I'm not trail builder. Shame to see all this...
  4. AJDMtnBiker

    Vid of MCBP/Ringwood

    Where's the trail at 1:09? Sent PM.
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