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    Jonathan woods If you ride JW, through JW please consider filling out the survey. I think it may be good to have a record of an established mtb user base.
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    Wildcat WMA 2023 Trail TuneUps

    Orange to Hawkwatch This trail was put in many years back by hawkwatcher Bill and some TC members. It has since through inheritance fallen into our custodial care. While i think most would agree it is an awesome trail, several sections are not routed so good and require periodic maintenance. On...
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    Flying with a Bike
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    Wildcat Ridge WMA Conditions

    Did not notice the bandanna. Jason and I took out the downfall just in time for all the motos to zoom past.
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    Wildcat Ridge WMA Conditions

    Conditions not so good. Running water on many trails. Whoever lost a 45nrth glove. It is on the rock at the beginning of righter mine trail, Meriden Road end. Whoever lost a Pearl Izumi skull cap, it is hanging in a bush at the top of the tower service road.
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    Cutting the cord (this again!)

    "Digital Antenna " is a scam to sell more easily packaged and profitable pieces of garbage. Use the typical log periodic Antenna, roughly 3 foot long, and yes point the narrow end towards NYC
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    Phone line issue

    AM interference...what station?...are you in NJ? We test equipment against RF interference. The acceptable demodulated level is very low. The phone your using is demodulating the interference. The lines are antenna, new or old so blaming the lines is nonsense. Could also be that the phone...
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    Hot Tub / Spa

    Insulation approach Cabinet with voids filled with expanding foam is the most efficient, appropriate...warranted 4 seasons. Open cabinet with reflective bubble Downside of foam is serviceability which you shouldn't have to worry about for awhile...unless the...
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    Phone line issue

    The ceramic thing may be a lightning arrestor which can fail shorted. a ground wire connection would confirm this. They are made to protect the phone user from lighting or power cross. Two spark gaps from each line to ground protect against lighting. If there is power cross as a result of a...
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    Hot Tub / Spa

    Sundance spas owner since 2003 Many DIY repairs at this point including rebuilding the frame a few years back. 6 is way big, more water, more chemicals and bigger utility bill. Mine does not cost that much per month, but I have a thicker cover and add additional insulation during winter. We...
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    Wildcat Ridge WMA Conditions

    There is quite a bit of overflow and frozen trail you'll have to walk and the top layer will be slimy by now. I cleared 8 downfall yesterday, I'm sure there is more.
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    Ramblings from Moe Mountain

    Bring dog biscuits
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    Wildcat Ridge WMA Conditions

    The week of December 5 - 10 is likely the busiest week of the year for deer hunters in New Jersey: • Six-day Firearm Deer Season opens a half-hour before sunrise on Monday, December 5 • Permit Bow Season continues in several zones • Permit Shotgun and Permit Muzzleloader Seasons are open for...
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    Things that make you frown :(

    From this: To this:
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    Wildcat Ridge WMA Conditions

    Thanks, all clear now.
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    Bike travel case - Trico Sports Iron Case
  17. trailhead

    Bike travel case - Trico Sports Iron Case

    Not likely. In that case I would suggest cardboard.
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    Wildcat 2022 Trail TuneUps

    Thanks for coming out to offer support. Hope you also had a good ride.
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