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  1. Free-Rider

    Circa 2002 SC bullit - $500

    Still available? What length are the crank arms/If there 165mm i would be interested in the bike...:hmmm:
  2. Free-Rider

    quick release conversion

    Axle release This a great option, i was at Interbike last year on business and actually sat down with this manufacturer. They had a lot of great ideas and product. If this in an applicable option for your bicycle it would be worth it!
  3. Free-Rider

    Rays? NJ? WTF?

    Syracuse! Yeah man definitely post up when your gonna take the trip, i would be down to shred!
  4. Free-Rider

    1st visit to Highland MTB Park

    SEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was an awesome trip! minus the loss of my pack.... Sweet edit as always JEFF!!!
  5. Free-Rider

    Berms and Jumps and Flow

    Wanna ride! Hey i would love to check out these sweet trails....when do you think you are going to head there next?
  6. Free-Rider

    Berms and Jumps and Flow

    dutch trails? Where could one find these sick trails!!!!!?
  7. Free-Rider

    WMBA's 16th Annual Fat Tire Festival!!!

    Location? anybody have an address???? thanks!
  8. Free-Rider

    WMBA's 16th Annual Fat Tire Festival!!!

    Skinnies.... that skinny does look sweet hope the weather holds......
  9. Free-Rider

    memorial day

    spring... Thanks i will do that...
  10. Free-Rider

    memorial day

    monday... sound sick! I never got a chance to meet up with you guys the last couple trips... but ill be there monday! Do any of you beechwood cycles guys have a 450x3.25 fox spring or a 400? I would love to pick one up....:hmmm:
  11. Free-Rider


    air........... hang time for the win.... i with ya all the way on that one....see ya sunday
  12. Free-Rider

    Best trail in SOUTH jersey?

    good trails..... in south jersey.......Allaire of course!
  13. Free-Rider


    Lookin forward to riding with you guys saw a couple trains of you guys from the hop on hop off to the table guys were smoooooth
  14. Free-Rider


    sweet think i saw a bunch of you guys last weekend
  15. Free-Rider

    Huge Favor!!!

    tourne TM Im in, just moved to parsippany did my first ride there last wednesday with the crew from cyclecraft, has a lot of potential let me know whats up!
  16. Free-Rider


    diablo sunday... Ill be there if the weather holds out 2009 glory dh black blue white an red -paul-
  17. Free-Rider

    Thursday night at the track

    pump track... sweet ill be there!
  18. Free-Rider

    What Do You Do For A Living

    occupation? Technical Advisor for Kent International Inc. (big box bike store bicycle manufacturer):)
  19. Free-Rider

    Diablo Opening day - Who's going?

    Jaw dropping.... That is purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfection in its purest form......
  20. Free-Rider

    Diablo Opening day - Who's going?

    Diablo! I will be there for sure..... cant wait!
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