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    Wawarsink Spring Klassic

    Coming up in 5 weeks.
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    Wildcat 50/100
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    Lippman Wawarsing NY

    The "Snake" skinny on Crazee 8's is ridable but still needs some finishing touches.
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    Annual Hike a Bike race at Lippman

    Our fav race of the year coming up Saturday May 9th. Prices increase beginning of May. CX and mountain bike categories.
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    Lundy/Lippman tour

    You are most welcome.
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    Lundy/Lippman tour

    Hi all, The Renegades are hosting a guided tour through Lundy/Lippman trail system on Saturday October 11th to celebrate the Catskills. Details below.
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    Wildcat 100

    Good news about the Wildcat 100. We know how important it is to create a memorable, fun race so prices for registration have been lowered to showcase this amazing course. This is an important step in building a fan base that will promote future Wildcat 100 races. Check out...
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    Wildcat 100

    Just remember that the upcoming on June 28th will be co-sponsored by us(Renegades) and Adventure Junction. All of the race course will be in Lippman Park and on state land (Lundy and Sundown Wild Forest). There will be lots of great aid stations and NO...
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    Hike A Bike

    The Hike A Bike 20+ will be using Lippman for the start up onto state land, then we have brand new state land trails to ride that will be included in the Wildcat 100 on June 28th, finishing in Lippman park. Figure about 12 miles on State land and 8 in Lippman. There shouldn't be too many log...
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    Hike A Bike

    Who's looking for a challenge this Saturday?
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    Walnut Mtn Triple Challenge 9/22/13

    Great race on great trails.
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    West Hurley Burly Backyard World Championship!

    No hills to speak of. Mostly techy-tight-shaley single track 3.5 mile loop.
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    Lippman MTB Festival July 14th

    sounds like fun
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    Lippman 38 results and as usual only 50% finished.
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    Lippman Park 38/ LM

    Conditions are fast. The 1400' of climbing per lap seems to do people in. Some of the racers complained last year that they felt like they were getting a beating the entire course. I guess since it's all bumpy ST there is nowhere you get to recover.
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    Lippman Park 38/ LM

    It may be hard but you will have a good time. Plus the weather looks great!
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    Renegadesmtb 2013 Race Schedule

    yeah it is always a fun race. Trouble is most racers don't wanna work that hard. 4200' of climbing is a little much for some. Like I said before only 40% finished last year.
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    Renegadesmtb 2013 Race Schedule

    A quote from one of last years racers. "This was the hardest race I've EVER raced before (and I've done olympic length triathlons). Kicked my ass last year...could only complete 2 laps." Yes DH40 it is not.
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    Renegadesmtb 2013 Race Schedule

    The new trail 8 (S&M) is complete but probably won't be in the race because it is too wet. That could change by next week. So if anyone rides the course this week just remember there could be a last minute change. A fun change if it's used.
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    Renegadesmtb 2013 Race Schedule

    Lippman 38 As of today the park is a little wet but really not bad. The weather around here looks great for the next week which will dry out the remaining trails. We will be marking the course over the next couple of days. Just keep your eyes out for orange arrows. Intersections will be left...
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