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    Fresh fruits juices

    Fresh fruits juices are very beneficial for our health and fitness. These fruits juices provide us a rich amount of vitamins, energy, mineral, and nutrition. They prevent us a number of diseases and play an important role to improve our health and fitness level. Drink fresh fruits juices in...
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    Sports drinks

    Is it good to take the energy and sports drinks for the purpose of boosting your energy? I think it is not good because it is not real and more natural because these energy drinks boost the energy for a very limited time in an artificial way. I think taking the natural drinks i.e fresh...
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    Favorite Protein Shake

    I have used muscles milk but I think real and natural protein foods are the best to boost the energy and enhance the body strength. I mostly use the raw eggs, yogurt, real protein shake, peanut butter, and fish etc. to boost my energy level and get body strength.
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    Fish oil

    Fish oil is good to control the cholesterol level. I also take the fish oil to control my cholesterol level and and also burn all unnecessary body. It helped me a lot manage my weight and stable my heart health.
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