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    Chain for a road bike

    chain answer i would replace the cassette at the same time, alot of these parts can wear together and can cause further skipping if you replace without replacing both depending on how bad they are worn, are you using some kind of chain measuring device. the hard part is find one at this point...
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    Allaire Conditions

    rode today and yesterday rode allaire yesterday and this afternoon the trail conditions are good not alot of mud its got a good pack going on i would say i had some of the best riding i ever had there in the last two days found some new trails and rode some ways i have never rode before. also...
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    trying to find some good riding in pa?

    anyone have any suggestions to good places for single track in pa. looking for a place with a decent climb for the early morning and a decent ride for the afternoon. something with technical terrain ? thanks
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    Recommended Giant Dealer

    Freehold Bicycle freehold bicycle is a nice place to pick up a nice giant and the guy has been there forever his name is jack its a pretty small shop, but a friend that always treats his customers good. been doing this for over 30 years !
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    Suggestion to bike shop owners!!!

    agree i agree with the last few posts should always try and find the time to test ride the bike before paying for service. sounds like the shop did not seat all the ferrels on the end of all the cables completely, if you took it to a shop that test rides all of their repairs this should have...
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    rethreading a crankarm

    you can get it tapped at the local bike shop . the cost is typically about ten dollars and takes a few minutes but it does not always fix the issue . but there is another option you can make the whole bigger and used a recoil kit .. which is something many shops might not want to do cause they...
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    what componets are good

    Cannondale alot of the new cannondale stuff is really good along the lines of the new jeckll and the claymore .. the bikes are built really well and have a good flickablity i currently am on a cannondale moto 2 carbon and own about five other cannondale bikes i love the feel of the bike under...
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    Chain recommendation for 2x10

    sram ... have had much success with them and they tend to be a bit cheaper then the shimano ... try and pair it with a good cassette . if the chain has been checked using chain checker and is bad replacement of the chain sometimes requires a cassette or freewheel cause the two will begin to wear...
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    Pinch Flats

    hey i was reading about your problems with pinch flats i could offer you some knowledge .. i was wondering if they were 26" wheels and when the tubes were purchased and what brand the tubes were there was a while back a batch of tubes that had been in circulation around area shops. if they were...
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    A good bike shop

    The bicycle hub located in marlboro in has a rich history in not only the state of new jersey but also the United States. if you did not know better you would think it was just a family owned shop that was small and sold only recreational bike for the local henry hudson trail. what you might not...
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    Presta/Schrader Air Chuck

    Park Tool Inflator at first read i was thinking that you might want to go and get the new park tool inflator. i have used the new inflator at a demo earlier this year and it is the real deal. you are right about the price though . i do however admire the ingenuity of making your own version i...
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    Tire Suggestions?

    tire suggestions The Kenda H-FACTOR is a good tire for what you are looking for a little more grip then the nevegal. also another tire you can think about is the kenda blue groove.. if you need pricing or other suggestions .. call the bicycle hub of marlboro at 7329469080. thanks sean
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    inexpensive 8 spd Dirt Jumper recommends

    dj for under 800 going to recommend you take a look at the haro line of dj bikes they are book quality bike and are usually on the lower end of the price market .. if you are interested. call 7329469080 this is the number to the bicycle hub of marlboro they can help you out .. thanks sean
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    LBS vs Online Difference

    Bike mechanic at local shop Hello, i have read through this forum and would like to comment on a couple of things. i agree with you on the fact that some LBS are making a little more on the margins then the online distributer. REASONS FOR THIS 1)ONLINE SHOPS DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT...
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