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    Old highlights vid
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    Question about new suspension

    I hava a full suspension Jamis Dakar Pro from 1999. I believe it is a XC bike and want to upgrade the fork. Is it true that I can't go over 100 mm of travel for the type of frame because I wanted to get a fork with 120 or more mm of travel? Also, can some one confirm what kind of frame it is(XC...
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    Are Manitou forks good? Why or why not?
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    Bike Advice

    Ok. I am looking for a bike. I have kind of ruled out dual suspension because my budget is basically $700. Now that I know I want a hardtail, I have narrowed it down to a couple of choices. I also do not know whether I want 29ers or regular wheels. I am pretty much an all-mountain rider and want...
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