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    Titanium 29er Hardtail: XTR, Reba, Carbon - sold

    What year is this frame? Are all of the components the same year as the frame? Straight steer and QR on the fork?
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    1x? time to purchase a drivetrain

    11 is one louder
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    Giant XTC 29er conversion to 27.5

    I think you see a lot more people trying to squeeze 27.5 wheels in a 26 frame than a 29
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    Mountain Creek 2014

    Thanks man. We actually had a change in plans and wont make it up there this weekend but I am definitely going to check it out this season.
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    Mountain Creek 2014

    I've never been there or done any lift access biking. My buddy and I are thinking about coming up to Creek this Saturday and renting all the gear and dh bikes. Do any of you know what the weather has been like up there? Will the trails be open? Do they often close some trails and not others...
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    How is this place doing? Still burning? Are all of the trails still accessible?
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    Wissahickon Valley Park, Philly, PA

    Where is the spaghetti bowl?
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    29er fork advice

    What are the bike specs? What is the price range? Pricepoint has a killer deal on Manitou Tower pro but only in 80mm for straight. If he has a tapered QR this is pretty sweet\+inch
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    Brake Upgrade

    I pulled the trigger on the m615's from chain reaction. Ended up being about 110 for the brakes. Got the brakes and 2 slx rotors. Mounted and shortened the hoses myself. Maybe someday I'll be able to take it outside and try them out
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    What have you done to your bike today?

    Hahaha, Awesome. Is that the xct or the amt? My buddy and I test rode them at MTB Jamboree in October and loved them. I'm no where near being able to get a new bike but he's hoping to this summer and the xct is at the top of his list.
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    What have you done to your bike today?

    you sure? ;)
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    Brake Upgrade

    I'm in exactly the same position with a 12 Marlin. Apparently the newer Deores (m615) are improved from the older styles and they get excellent reviews. I've come close a few times to ordering bb7's but I currently have a price match qued up on Jenson where I can get the m615's for about 130.
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    Apparently Intro's are big around here so.....YO! Totally fed up with winter and anxious to start my 3rd (2nd and halfish) season. Not in the shape I'd like to be in and no biking background as a kid but definitely getting better and more confident with time. Typically Ride Ceres and CCC...
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