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  1. njkayaker

    My new Farley 9

    Thanks Pete at Sussex bike for hooking me up with my new Farley 9. Next SL Carbon crank and handlebar. Extra rigid fork for winter riding. got out on int yesterday KVSP and today WMA\Mahlon. Bike is sweet and pretty light for a fat bike. Going to enjoy this when the snow comes.
  2. njkayaker

    what is the life of DH brake pads?

    I have 17 days and 175 laps on my brake pads. still good stopping power but starting to get very noisy. how often do you guys change out your pads? looking at them it is really tough to see how much life is left in them unless I take them out. fronts look good.
  3. njkayaker

    Port Jervis new Trail System

    Passing this along if anyone is interested in helping. Thank you. Great things are happing at the new trail system in Port Jervis. Single-track is being made that will be awesome for hiking and mountain biking! Our next Trail Maintenance day is SUNDAY MAY 15th at 10:00 am. We need some...
  4. njkayaker

    DH bike tube or tubeless?

    when I purchased my Session the LBS set it up tubeless but I have heard that most people run tubes DH. Opinions? Thanks
  5. njkayaker

    Fat Bike ride Mahlon some GoPro stills pics

    Mahlon is in pretty good shape. people riding skinny bike tires did do some trail damage in some wet spots. considering how much rain we had not bad at all though
  6. njkayaker

    Diablo Park Pass purchased. now need a DH helmet

    Any LBS stock DH helmets? I can purchase online but would prefer to see it in person and make sure I get a good fit. Thanks
  7. njkayaker

    Got a fat bike ride in today High Point

    upper teens low 20's. lots if fun.
  8. njkayaker

    Anyone who says Fatbike are not mountain bikes

    would be wrong. amazes my how diverse and capable these bikes are.
  9. njkayaker

    Perfect day for a FB

    nice having that extra traction on such a slippery day.
  10. njkayaker

    Hero 4 Session

    Picked one up since Go Pro dropped the price. Nice little toy to play with. Recorded some stuff at Mahlon today.
  11. njkayaker

    tested out the new Session 8 today. first ride.

    did some hiking and runs off the Radio Tower trails KVSP. Think I am going to love this bike. front hub has a little play in it that needs to be tightened up. can't wait to get it on some real DH trails.
  12. njkayaker

    just picked up a Trek Session

    pretty exited but now I have to wait until spring to really use it.
  13. njkayaker

    Orange Trail off the rail trail

    anyone know what the deal is with this trail? I rode it today and it ends up in a back yard. may have been the wooden duck B&B but not sure. it is clearly marked with orange
  14. njkayaker

    safe place to ride this Sat with the bear hunt Northern NJ?

    I would think the bear hunt is off limits KVSP. WMA in Sparta Jeff I have seen a ton of trucks and hunters this week but not sure if they are allowed in Mahlon. I've seen deer stands in Stephens so thinking that is no good. not sure about Allamuchy North or Deer Park. Where to go?
  15. njkayaker

    Please remove

  16. njkayaker

    not every day you see this on the trail

    Wonder what killed it. Young bear.
  17. njkayaker

    Giro AWESOME!

    I have a 15 month old giro terraduro that has had a delamination issue. I used gorilla glue on it and it has been good. stumbled across a Giro post about a batch of shoes they used the wrong glue on. Mine was one in that lot of shoes. Giro is replacing the shoe with a brand new one even after 15...
  18. njkayaker

    Shock\Fork rebound question

    New bike and trying to get the rebound dialed in. Set to what Trek recommended for my weight etc but seem to get bounced around in very rooty sections. question is more rebound or less? Thanks in advance.
  19. njkayaker

    Specialized's Stumpjumper 2013 FSR Comp Carbon 29er - MED $2000

    Location Sparta NJ. Bike is in great shape. Reason selling - Picked up a new ride. FACTORY DESCRIPTION Specialized's Stumpjumper FSR Comp Carbon 29er is a stiff, light, and agile trail bike. A carbon main frame is mated to an aluminum rear triangle housing the legendary FSR suspension system...
  20. njkayaker

    Kingdom Trails which Motel

    Which is the better choice. Going up next week. Lynburke Motel or Lyndon Motor Lodge? Thank you in advance
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