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  1. ktmrider

    Anyone ever buy from jensons online bike shop ?

    My brother in law is looking into getting a mtb and is looking at this online shop , any thoughts ?
  2. ktmrider

    Corbet's @ J-hole

    Not sure how many have skied /board Jackson hole but corbets couloir is an amazing run the drop in to enter is about 15 ft . Would be neat to try this , I witnessed Mica Black backflip into it years ago when TGR was filming on a massive powder day...
  3. ktmrider

    I think Clark Griswold lives in Colorado

    I decided to bail from Sedona so I rolled into winter park to do some fat miles on the forestry roads , this guy passed me as I was heading back to my condo . I was able to catch him while he was eating his Tacos . Only costs 5 bucks for a permit to cut a tree down in the forest . That's a nice...
  4. ktmrider

    Working for our possessions

    I met a couple yesterday that walked away from their life and bought a van and travel and work to travel . They were so fucking happy . People that do this amaze me and wish I had the balls
  5. ktmrider

    Random stuff for sale/free

    Craftsman jointer/planer . It's small I use it for squaring finish material Free Garage overhead retractable cord lightLy used. Free Box of bike parts I think 2 xt f& rear derailleur and shifters Free Fat boy front rim and tire tubless. 10 bucks Front and rear rims off a trek...
  6. ktmrider

    Looking for a person to build a web site

    Figured I would check here first , I am looking for a web page for my construction company . The content would be testimonials from homeowners and a bunch of pictures . I would like to keep it simple . My plan is to start advertising soon where I would be moving to so this would be something...
  7. ktmrider

    It's crazy what you find when remodeling

    Today we were doing demo on a old home in Somerville , after removing the floor tile we found the last contractor had left us a sign that he was there . So I searched out the name and emailed the son who still lives local , he told me how his father was one of the largest plumbing heating...
  8. ktmrider

    XC skiing

    i haven't XC skied in over 17 years , I had the opportunity to get back into it this week in Colorado , I remembered not liking it at all , maybe because my friends would make fun of me . This is a great sport , I had some really good sessions and it was easy to push myself because of the fun I...
  9. ktmrider

    Sourlands tied for 9th place for most technical trails in the USA.
  10. ktmrider

    My kind of coffee
  11. ktmrider

    Cool storage concept

  12. ktmrider

    MSR riding boots

    Size 11 in great shape $25
  13. ktmrider

    Zuma sail boat for sale

    It was purchased 5 years ago and used 2 years at spruce run res , needs to be power washed . It's been sitting for 2 years , comes with sail and riggin, sand cart and trailer , $ 600.00
  14. ktmrider

    My kind of coffee in the morning
  15. ktmrider

    2013 Trek superfly 100 al pro

    full Xt , brand new wheels 29er Thompson stems , new pads, tubeless Bike has been sitting for 2 years Size med $ 1,100.00 Call or text Bob 9088756365
  16. ktmrider

    Jet band saw

    used once like new condition $200.00
  17. ktmrider

    2013 trek superfly 100 elite

    Bike was up for sale last week and I was told I have a buyer and never called back , so it's up for sale again and is a steal bike is a med $950.00 SOLD
  18. ktmrider

    Smart or lazy

    snapped this pic of a town worker today , I yelled " what are you doing " he said hurry N up with work so I can get back to doing nothin . What do you say to that
  19. ktmrider

    2013 trek superfly 100 elite $ 950.00

    Was my GF bike and her new rumor just came in , bike has about 300 miles on it . Mint shape all stock purchased for 2700 This bike has not been ridden hard . Size 17.5
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