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  1. Patrick

    trek rig SS 29er.....300.00

    Wait - @mtn is baiting DT - gotta see what happens...
  2. Patrick

    The 2022 lawn thread

    What Matt said - 60" ZTR. Enjoy the ride. I found a used Bobcat from a dealer. They'll go forever doing a 20ish cuts per year.
  3. Patrick

    Clean Start

    Okeydoke. Cylinder pressure. 40/75/85/75 Ain't gunna get. No boom boom from that. Think it would at least make some noises tho. This may be over....
  4. Patrick

    Clean Start

    Not yet. Doing compression test today.
  5. Patrick

    Boating, Sailing, & Floating Devices

  6. Patrick

    A Wookies return.....

    Just a quick story - i was with my Dad for two months at the end of his 10 yr battle with C. He told me he was ready, but i was there every day (cause i was living there) He flat out told me he wondered why he was still around. Mind over body. Told him i was going back to NJ for a couple...
  7. Patrick

    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    I wouldn't rent a place I actually want to use on short notice. You'd need to block your weekends then the weather sucks. Then the ... . Just rent, take the $ hit& that ya gotta lug all your crap. Unless you can afford to have a place and have your equipment there so you can just show up, it is...
  8. Patrick

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    It was fine in 2008 @Frank just posted
  9. Patrick

    6 Mile Run Conditions

  10. Patrick

    Things that make you smile :)

    I have a nashville contact - it won't help unless he likes working in a coffee shop to pay for studio time. It is a process.......he is into the glam rock revival in nashville. WTF do i know?
  11. Patrick

    Photoshop Steve Thread - Win Cash and Prizes!*

    IMHO the Roy Lichtenstein or Keith Haring versions would make the best stickers while protecting the subject. RoyL taking my top vote
  12. Patrick

    What have you done to your bike today?

    Put things on the ground? Brute force method? Create better tool using a welder and repurposing a clamp to work standing, with minimal effort.
  13. Patrick

    Tell me where you rode today...

    damn - i knew David was going to miss that bike sign - i have no idea how he missed the others. I don't think we are back there for a couple weeks. Could you put them in the beach bathroom hall? If the door is open to the lifeguard room, drop them in there, otherwise we'll call the lifeguard to...
  14. Patrick

    Giant Pre Kids Bike and Frozen Pedal Bike

    Ah 'frozen' pedal bike Not 'frozen pedal' bike Glws
  15. Patrick

    Cars, it's electric! Do Do Do

    I'd go with small engine driving a generator, all electric motors. the engine is sized for a little above the average draw, the batteries handle the peaks, and are recharged when needed while moving, otherwise plug in to recharge. This gives the smallest engine possible for the task at hand...
  16. Patrick

    How to quiet HVAC closet.

    if it combines a furnace, it needs combustion air - unless supplied from outside. standard caveats apply.
  17. Patrick

    Getting Tired.

    Now look who is overthinking it... ;) disconnecting at the transfer case would add parasitic drag. I read up on the XT5 (Queens primary) - the differential has a twin clutch setup, both front and back. it knows if the rotation isn't equal and adjusts - just assumes one is slipping. In...
  18. Patrick

    Getting Tired.

    cheapest TPMS relearn tool is on amazon for $10 - clicked. another benefit of not rotating tires is that only two wear out at a time....
  19. Patrick

    RV project meetings/updates

    Latest Update - Discussion, process, and talking points about the road closure. @mbruno Looks like they got it covered. Since they referred to it as the construction season, I suspect it isn't...
  20. Patrick

    E-bikes are a thing

    the event this weekend was "near" the AT. we got a call from the local trail gestapo to make sure we weren't riding on it.
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