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  1. Patrick

    Getting Tired.

    My kid leaves for college in a few weeks. He picked up a nail in a bad spot. Transition from tread to sidewall. Depending on the day, the plug will leak, or not. Can't have him worrying about this so new tires. He really only needs two, move the new ones up front. What's the deal on...
  2. Patrick

    I'll be riding <place@time> tomorrow...

    I think we've tried this before. With the July challenge coming up, I figured a little group support might help I'll be at the Southlands @6:00am 7/1 Slow and steady for a couple hours. Hop on! Part of the early morning woods series. Where you goin'?
  3. Patrick

    Monkeypox - Here we go again!

    OK - not really, but first case in NJ. There is a vax. And your smallpox vax should help. That is if you are over 50....... Boomer got its benefits.
  4. Patrick

    Nassau Trail Day - 6/22/2022 3pm & 5:30pm

    As part of RSG's commitment to giving back to the trail systems used in their events, we will be heading in on Wednesday to trim back the face slappers, p/u the derailleur eaters, or whatever else is needed in the park. (as directed by Andrew or Jeff ??) Meet at the Upper/big (south?) lot on...
  5. Patrick

    To whom did I loan my Kuat 4 bike rack?

    I'm fairly sure I lent it to someone. not 100% tho. Help!
  6. Patrick

    Road Through Ken Lockwood Gorge

    Quick note: If you are taking your gravel bike through KLG, be aware that sections were washed-out during Ida, and have been rebuilt using a heavy stone fill. It is chunky - very chunky. Like the lower trail at the Sourlands starting at the stream bed. Couple of sections - not long. Just...
  7. Patrick

    Honda HHT35S Strait Shaft Trimmer

    I'm going battery for my yard and trail equipment. This is 5ish years old. Will see if it has a date on it. Three tooth blade mounted. I have two other blades pictured. Somewhere in my house is the string trimmer head and guard. I have a generic head and some line too. Runs well. I did a...
  8. Patrick

    Wood shop tools - the kind you'd use to make a living

    This might be a great deal for someone. A retiring woodworker is closing up shop - he did really well, and just kept the shop for when he wanted to noodle around. He has to get them out - and rather than moving them to his house and then selling them, perhaps they could go right from the shop...
  9. Patrick

    Tape guide

    Seeing if anyone has a solution for this. Got a a stand-up measuring tape for track and field. Tape has metric on one side and imperial on the other. The guide at the bottom is way oversized, and the tape constantly flips over from the desired unit of measure. Where would I find an...
  10. Patrick

    Nassau Trail Prep for 2022 - TM Session 4/10 @ 8:30

    From FB
  11. Patrick

    100 Octane!

    We were talking about high octane unleaded gas in the aviation industry somewhere in here - Looks like they got it figured. G100UL
  12. Patrick

    Sourland Mountain Festival 7/23/2022

    Help preserve the Sourlands. Haven't seen this group hate on mtbrs, so get out there!
  13. Patrick

    Sourlands Movie Location Virtual via Zoom Summary Join NOFA NJ & Sourland Conservancy in presenting Sourlands by Jared Flesher. 2022 marks the 10-year anniversary of Sourlands! Join us for a post-film discussion surrounding current...
  14. Patrick

    Free Fish Tank

    Maybe 20 gallons? Stand Light Filter housing Heater Bottom vac Some food and test chemicals You'll need to supply your own water and fish. I'm in Branchburg, but can always find a reason to ride somewhere north of 6MR.
  15. Patrick

    High Bridge Pump Track Conditions

    Lettuce Discus......
  16. Patrick

    High Bridge Flow Trails Status

    Heavy rain last night - probably not ready today. Here is a FB page - Not sure if it is "the fb page"
  17. Patrick

    RV Sunday 2/20 @ 9:30 Cush Lot

    You love to hate it! That's right - a loop around the reservoir. We'll start in the Cush lot, and make the Z Climb. Then reverse rollercoaster our way to the back gate. At this point, half of you will be revolting (well, take a shower or something will ya) - so return via the campground road...
  18. Patrick

    Cats behaving badly

    i missed the good pic with both front paws engaged. Frankie telling me that he wants to go out Don't mind the mess!
  19. Patrick

    2022 Garden Thread

    Anybody start yet? Probably still early. We ordered plants again - arrive early May. The key lime bloomed. One still hanging on from last year's second crop.
  20. Patrick

    Nordica Hot Rod 140 skis, poles, and a helmet

    My kid is a boarder now - gotta lose the double planks! Nordica Hot Rod Skis 140cm These are classified as "junior" skis, but are the longest in this line. Appropriate for beginner and intermediate skiers. Skier Height 4'7" to 5'5" (between your chin and top of head - these skis are 55" long)...
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