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  1. Heidi

    Bulldog Rump Endurance

    So, there are 18 of us shoving off for the endurance race tomorrow. Since Wednesday's pre-ride got cancelled, I did not get a chance to ask a couple of questions. Specific to Endurance. Are we gonna have access to any sort of self-maintained pit area? I guess I'm going to pack, as if the...
  2. Heidi


    Hey..anyone on here with celiac? ( or is strictly gluten free for other reasons...I'm not picky). Both my kids and my husband have it...raging , villi-killing Celiac. One of the reasons I can make time to ride certain places, is, I can make myself useful by finding gluten free food in suburban...
  3. Heidi


    Hi, I re-intro'd on the Womens' forum but just wanted to say hi here too.....I'm a middle aged rider aspiring to improve, so I can go on more group rides without being a total anchor. I love riding in Jersey, had to take a little hiatus because of family..but the kids are getting older and I've...
  4. Heidi

    Hi - re-intro

    Hey ladies....I have been away from this forum for a while and see lots more action in the Female Riders section. That's great! I am a mom of two teens, have been biking all my life (age 53 years young) but until recently living in NYC greatly impeded my ability to get to trails. Last year we...
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