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    2014 Specialized Tarmac ...Sold

    Up for sale is my 2014 Tarmac 10 speed. Its a fact9r carbon frame. It has 105 shifters and ultegra F/R derailleurs and cassette. Wheels are roval 35s w/ DT hubs and aluminum brake track. Also will include the stock axis wheels that I never used. Bike has been meticulously maintained by Hilltop...
  2. J

    fatboy going 1x11???

    Got all my answers through search
  3. J

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    You are good to go for tomorrow the area got very little rain.
  4. J

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    I hit it up on the fatty, awesome conditions
  5. J

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Any condition updates?
  6. J

    $800 - 2016 Specialized Fuse Comp 6fattie 27.5+ Size: Medium

    Well explained and I would be pissed too Kibbles. The deal you are offering is really good.
  7. J

    Jim's November Challenge

    So...does my basement with the windows open count?
  8. J

    Watchung Reservation - Call to Action (10/20, 7pm)

    Agreed Jim, we just need to get our foot in the door, show what we can do as far as trail building and maintenance. Then take it from there.
  9. J

    Watchung Reservation - Call to Action (10/20, 7pm)

    I think it went well looks like everything is going in the right direction. Would also like to thank Ken for making the trip and adding great points to the discussion.
  10. J

    New here... saying' hello

    welcome aboard Rich!
  11. J

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    was working in New Brunswick today when storm hit, streets were flooded if that is any indication...stay away
  12. J

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    I headed out of blue lot for an after work road rip today. As I was rolling out I saw J's truck loaded with tools in the back. Couldnt wait to read the updates. Needless to say the fatty is coming to work with me tomorrow. Thanks J!!!
  13. J

    Hartshorne/Huber Conditions

    Any updates on this place? doing a beach ride this morning on the fatty and gonna be right there anyway.
  14. J

    Long Branch beach race tomorrow, I'm in!

    How was it? I wanted to go but got stuck working.
  15. J

    Lightest, thinnest platform pedals

    Im a fan of the spank spikes
  16. J

    Specialized fatboy se wheel question

    So, please don't kill me, but my fatboy se has the bolted rear axle. Ive been carrying a 15mm wrench in my pack and I am sick of it. What are my options to fix this/change to QR?
  17. J

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    has gotta be a muddy mess, stick to the road or allaire
  18. J

    Thule Helium Aero 3 hitch rack for sale

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