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  1. Jeb

    27.5 plus

    Likely all gone by now :(
  2. Jeb

    US OPEN this weekend

    That's cooper pleva. He had a front flat.
  3. Jeb

    27.5 plus

    Creek is selling off their veeeerrry lightly rented fleet for $2k each. Definitely grabbing one - I've found myself having a real hoot on those things!
  4. Jeb

    27.5 plus

    Nobody on the mid-fat stumpy? Too squishy?
  5. Jeb

    MCBP opens tomorrow!!

    End of salvation is just leaf blown for now. Lots to do, but need to harvest dirt and transport it from somewhere else to finish that trail. Might be a few weeks, but should end with a bridge over slayer into a large step-up.
  6. Jeb

    2017 gravity season

    Yep. It's to the outside of the trail itself.
  7. Jeb

    2017 gravity season

    Ripper, behind the last berm on upper alpine.
  8. Jeb

    Downhill Bike Rental North Jersey

    Also should mention that last I heard, Creek isn't sold out of rentals, they're just halting bike ops during octoberfest. Hope you weren't renting with the intent of riding there!
  9. Jeb

    Killington Bike Park

    Oh, hi Marc. You beat me to everything.
  10. Jeb

    Killington Bike Park

    True indeed. Not the RFID part yet, though that's coming too. But the cab is having two lift towers shortened to prevent wind interference, so we will be using triple. Great lift for a beer at least...
  11. Jeb

    Mountain Creek Trail Info Needed

    Outlaw to tempest is basically a blue route labeled as black because it leads into either lower legion or the gnarlier section of waterboy. You can circumvent the tough stuff by just heading straight down the ski trail to your right after tempest. The upper/flatter portion of the backside trails...
  12. Jeb

    First timers at Mountain Creek Park

    There's also a trail map on the mcbp website that you can take a picture of or download with your phone for reference
  13. Jeb

    First timers at Mountain Creek Park

    XC is open 24/7. Roughly a 10 mile loop. If it means anything, I'm not a huge fan of xc but I ride our loop just for a few awesome sections. The downhill after the second gate is awesome, as is the one coming back to the first gate and passing it towards the sister ponds. Also, you can hit most...
  14. Jeb

    Skills and Drills

    A higher seat post will both hinder your ability to drop your center of mass and limit your body's range of motion - two essentials for balance and stability. Specifically for manuals - once you've got your front wheel off the ground and hips extended low over your rear axle, an extended...
  15. Jeb

    2015 gravity season

    Lookin' GOOOOD, @BiknBen!
  16. Jeb

    Middle finger on the levers?

    Levers these days are meant for single finger gripping. Most likely this should be your index finger, unless you've got a disabled or removed finger. With most modern mountain bike brakes being hydraulic disc systems, there is no need to apply a ton of pressure to make your bike stop. Obviously...
  17. Jeb

    Im new and looking for people to ride with

    Josh and his buddy Kevin are a hoot! Good guys to ride around with. Plus they can weld your Volkswagen seat onto the back of your bike if you're into that sort of thing...
  18. Jeb

    2013/14 Transition Klunker -$400

    Hey Tim! Yep, she's still sitting in the same place in my loft as when I wrote the ad. Available at Mountain Creek Bike Park every day of the week :)
  19. Jeb

    StuckInCreek?? weekdays?

    I work on the trails and as an instructor at creek and usually ride after work at 430 on the weekdays. Feel free to flag me down for a run! I have long hair and am either on a devinci or a rental doing a wheelie.
  20. Jeb

    New to the board from Sussex county

    Welcome! I too am a Sussex guy with a gas gas 250. I don't enduro (pedal) much, though. Except to get to MCBP of course, where pedaling is non-essential and rocks grow everywhere in the wild. Sometimes overnight! Some really excellent places to fall as well. Ever get over to these parts?
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