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  1. greeek32

    Oct 28-30 2016 Vermont MTB Trip - Kingdom Trails

    we did VRBO a few years ago for a condo right on the side of burke mountain. my buddy booked it last minute and emailed the owner something to the extent of, "We are interested in coming to Burke for the weekend and noticed your condo isn't rented. Will you take $150 a night? We are very clean...
  2. greeek32

    borrow? 2 seater kid bike trailer

    you selling that thing? how do you like it? I just had twins and I'm trying to figure out how to take them biking with me when they can stop themselves from casually breaking their own necks.
  3. greeek32

    Wanted: Orange and Blue components

    santa cruz makes reasonably priced lock on grips in a bunch of colors. how expensive was the bike and how far off is his birthday? if you've got some time, strip the components off the bike and run sandpaper over the entire thing until all of the paint is nicely scuffed and tape off the headset...
  4. greeek32

    Dropper post

    what about the new crank brothers post? cedric gracia says it's awesome! just kidding. it's definitely shit.
  5. greeek32

    New to North Jersey.

    @Tim S. Don't forget about Mountain Creek Bike Park! Great DH and XC trails (anyone who raced this last weekend there will attest). @Team Town Cycle does a group ride there almost every Thursday evening at 5:30 during the summer.
  6. greeek32

    Mountain Creek XC rides back on Thursday nights starting 6/30!

    the free lift ticket is for the scheduled pre rides and thursday night xc rides throughout the summer but a single ride xc pass is pretty cheep and you get a discount with a jorba membership. you dont have to be out by 7 but the lift stops then. the trails up there are fantastic with a nice mix...
  7. greeek32

    Windham any good?

    if you bring a trail bike, round top is right there and the trails are awesome.
  8. greeek32

    Need day trip recommendation for July 5th

    lippman park in ellenville ny is clear on the forecast for tomorrow and is a bunch of fun.
  9. greeek32

    Wawayanda State Park Conditions

    i'm surprised the rangers and DEC haven't started spraying the bears there. With so many visitors leaving trash and food everywhere it is only a matter of time until we have another Ramapo mountain situation where the park gets closed and "suspect" bears are eliminated due to bears no longer...
  10. greeek32

    New plus tire ride

    joe fix its in goshen is doing a mid fat demo all this week, i think including the weekend
  11. greeek32

    Wawayanda Group Ride

    i won't be there. my wife is having her baby shower tomorrow.
  12. greeek32

    Where is this going ? Commercialization of JH

    Done. It's just down the road.
  13. greeek32

    what is your riding experience skill level ?

    I always like to think of myself as an ambitious 4 at everything I do.
  14. greeek32

    what is your riding experience skill level ?

    The problem with judging your ability level by using speed is that it is, well, wrong. Fitness is generally what makes riders seem fast in terms of XC racing. There are lots of people who are fast, but I would not consider to be an advanced riders. I look at truly advanced local riders (Lenowski...
  15. greeek32

    Where is this going ? Commercialization of JH

    I feel like there is no way a gun range would go in next to an airport.
  16. greeek32

    Where is this going ? Commercialization of JH

    I got a pickle stand for you...
  17. greeek32

    Low-profile XC race knee pad (What brand/kind)

    I have a pair of gforms and they are probably what you're looking for if you just want to put a small amount of pad between you and hurt. They don't impede pedaling, they're not hot, and the don't soak up sweat. They also don't provide much protection. Gform knee pads are great for single...
  18. greeek32

    Wawayanda Group Ride

    hemlock and rattle snake are my favorite trails there. both are so fun.
  19. greeek32

    27.5+ HT vs 29 FS?

    i would think a fs 29 would be what you want. go to a shop and tell them your price range and ask if they can get you a leftover for cheaper (sometimes their dealers/reps have a bike from the previous year that they want to get rid of). certain parts are worth paying for when on a budget, others...
  20. greeek32


    @sarcaro can attest that I never say sorry for being last nor do I feel sorry. I ride with lots of people that ride almost every day. I am very busy so I am lucky when I get to ride at all these days and I'm not going to feel sorry for being slower than people that ride all of the time. That...
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