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  1. kichibot

    Spring 2017 mtb tires thread

    I like these. They're very springy.
  2. kichibot

    Random Chinese food delivery

    Just had a shrimp and a piece of broccoli. Is this what anthrax tastes like? Tastes pretty good. If I die, please cremate me with my bikes.
  3. kichibot


    I am a woman and I find this offensive. This is obviously an oyster not a clam. Someone report this man!!
  4. kichibot

    Thunder mountain bike park

    My favorite part about it is chasing after the lift while trying to put your bike on the rack! Makes me so anxious every time.
  5. kichibot


    I'm thinking about trying clamming for the first time with @jumpa. Does anyone know any good areas for some noobs around NJ? I did a quick google search and Barnegat Bay seems like a popular choice. We also can't swim so any where with minimal threat of drowning is A+! Also, any tips and...
  6. kichibot

    Thunder mountain bike park

    LOL damn.. I should've posted run #2 on my instagram instead. All the likes!
  7. kichibot

    5 dead, 4 injured - be careful out there!

    I barely road ride but I was just thinking when I came out for my city's annual bike ride, how awful it'd be if a car would just pummel all of us over. Then I read this article. Unfortunately, no matter how safe you are, you can't trust others to do the same. I will stick with my mountain biking.
  8. kichibot

    Yellow trail at the "pile of logs" closed off

    Statements like these remind me of: "I'm not racist but...."
  9. kichibot

    Told my girlfriend this might be a fight club ride

    They're LEDs on wire string. Finally found a use for them :D Surprised no one noticed til I lit em up. My first time night riding and my favorite parts were asking jumpa all the spooky questions like, "What if you turned around and only saw my hair and no face?" Night ride could've been more...
  10. kichibot

    Moab or bust! Our road trip to moab, UT

    when the girlfriends are left behind for moab... ..
  11. kichibot

    I've lost my mojo?!?

    I've been feeling the same way. I think it's a combo of doing LewMo all the time and when I go out to explore new trails it's the real techy ones where its more hike a bike for me than fun (wildcat ridge and sourlands back to back). I'm on a haitus for maybe 2-3weeks now and the fall weather is...
  12. kichibot

    when to replace tires

    Damn.. that is a really cool birthday card! Oh and nice tires.
  13. kichibot


    Was it a katydid? I see these sometimes in my backyard.
  14. kichibot

    Who's that Girl? - Ladies' talk

    I'm ready.
  15. kichibot

    Gravel/CX Shifting Ideas

    Just get a cheap 105 10 speed lever set. That way your not running that weird looking bar shifter set up.
  16. kichibot

    Clipless pedals. A tale of hope, love, and redemption.

    Been going on flats for ~5 years. This is the first year I've tried clipless (joining the dark side). Started off with single release and I've been cow-tipped and fallen way more times in one ride than I have ever done in my biking career. The amount of cuts and bruises on my legs was...
  17. kichibot

    do you stop?

    I really need to buy a mini hand pump and some tools but it's hard when your bike mechanic is usually with you. All in all I find mtbers generally nice and they tend to ask for help.
  18. kichibot

    Middle finger on the levers?

    I use both my index and middle fingers because I have tiny baby hands and one finger doesn't feel right.
  19. kichibot

    7/10-7/12 Weekend in Pictures

    found a cool bridge that separated all the microleaves to one side at Stewart with jumpa & 1sh0t1b33r if you liked it then you should've put a bike on it if you liked it then you should've put a bike on it wuh uh ohhh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh..
  20. kichibot

    If you could do a guided mtb ride of any nj park, which one would you choose?

    Ringwood. I always feel like I'm getting lost there. Also JH - mostly just do the lower trails but haven't exactly explored up north.
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