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  1. wclambjr

    Free Bontrager Crowbar MTB bars

    I have this sitting around as I replaced mine with a Race Face setup. I don't want them and know someone may get use out of them. I really don't want anything for them. Only catch is you have to either pay to have them shipped or come pick them up. I"ll be happy to package them and ship...
  2. wclambjr

    Bicycle Repair Stand

    Looking for a used bicycle repair stand. I've been researching and don't want to spend an arm and a leg and I don't want to buy something cheap that will just break. Anyone have one that they think they can part with for a fair price? pm if you have something. Thanks!
  3. wclambjr

    Trek Fuel 5.5 For Sale / Chris King Wheels!!

    I'm selling my Trek Fuel 5.5 Mountain Bike. Nothing but great rides have been enjoyed on this bike, but I have bought a road bike now, and I have combined that for races (including running) this year. That is the only reason I am selling it. This bike has been meticulously maintained. I think...
  4. wclambjr

    Finally got out!!!

    It's about time!! I did manage to get out for a while and it felt good! Trails around here weren't that bad. Wonder how White Clay is looking..
  5. wclambjr


    My first outing through Allaire, and 2 guys took us around. Not sure what their names were, but a big thank you for riding with me and my friend. We try many different places, White Clay DE, Washington Township, FairHill MD, and others. We hit Allaire for the first time, and thought it was...
  6. wclambjr

    Hey all

    New to the site. I've been riding two wheels all my life but the one's with the motors. Took this up as the running is tearin' my ankles up, and this is more fun! Looking for some good trails, and advise. Keep the rubber side down.
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