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  1. Slugger

    Allaire Conditions

    @Frank when you say "not optimal," do you mean, "You heathen, stay off the trails, jerk" or do you mean "Eh, a couple of slow, cautious beginners will be fine toodling along"? 'Cause I'm looking to take a super newbie out, so it isn't like we'll be railing turns, but I sure as heck don't want to...
  2. Slugger

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Soooo.....Six Mile is a no-go for awhile? Damn, was hoping to ride there tomorrow. Any hope of it staying solid enough in tomorrow's temps?
  3. Slugger

    JORBA Jungle Jam October 11, 2015

    Hey y'all, did anyone find a heart rate strap (Garmin) in the parking lot? Mine appears to have wanted another lap around Warthog. :(
  4. Slugger

    Singlespeed for Schilling

    I would, but I hate getting mud in my beard. ;) One year when I was "warming up" for a very cold 'cross race, the guys behind me were complaining about all the ice in their beards. I said, "Yeah, I hate it when that happens!" (since some of you don't know this, I'm female. Growing a beard is a...
  5. Slugger

    Singlespeed for Schilling

    Yep, I fixed it. I realized I missed gtluke's posting - yours was the first one I saw.
  6. Slugger

    Singlespeed for Schilling

    This weekend, I'm keeping Chris in my thoughts by riding single speed (I'll zip-tie my shifters, or the mtb equivalent). I invite you to join me, wherever you are. Post up here where you are going to ride, and pics on the road, trail, or race. #singlespeedforSchilling Credit to @gtluke for...
  7. Slugger

    6th Annual CRANKS AROUND THE CAMPFIRE 8/26-8/28/2016

    Trying to make this weekend happen! How intermediate are the intermediate rides? I LOVED the xc race this year, but that was a lot of doughnuts ago. I'm halfway decent at technical, but slower than skinny tires in sand. Off the back of the cat 2 women's field, but didn't die.
  8. Slugger

    Cognition Intermediate MTB Skills Clinic

    I'm super bummed, but I have to miss the Cognition mtb clinic at Lewis Morris the day before the race (June 27). Is there anyone interested in my spot? Ben is a GREAT instructor.
  9. Slugger

    H2H Race #3 Rumble in the Jungle Pictures

    I <3 seeing you bored and alone in the woods. It reminds me that I could be bored and alone and not killing myself on some rocks and trees because someone convinced me it is "fun." Besides, you make me laugh. Even if you didn't actually put my second shot in with the cat 1s. I WAS LEADING THEM!!!
  10. Slugger

    Mountain Bike Camp for kids

    Sooooo....I'm in, right? :D
  11. Slugger

    Thanks for being THAT team

    It takes a smart racer to figure that out. The *&$#! who ran me into a tree and nearly broke my pinky, thus effing up BOTH of us on what should have been a very straightforward hop up a rock to a nice wide passing area, was not so smart...or so kind. That happened just a few minutes before you...
  12. Slugger

    Thanks for being THAT team

    I have to give a massive shoutout to the MTBNJ team for your impeccable manners at Waway this weekend. Sometimes it is hard to remember that the people going much slower than you are, in fact, still racing. However, without one single exception, the MTBNJ pro/cat 1 men passed us cat 2 women with...
  13. Slugger

    12th Annual WAWAYANDA SPRING CLEANING Grassroots Mountain Bike XC Race

    Anyone pre-riding Saturday that can pick a poor lonely cat 2 up from a train station? Would really like to see this course before Sunday...
  14. Slugger

    2015 Mooch Madness H2H #1 Photos

    Has anyone else noticed that almost all of the women have huge grins on their faces? The women are obviously rockin' this better. I'm just sayin', is all.
  15. Slugger

    H2H Race #1: Mooch Madness Pre-Ride Info (Group ride Thursday 6PM)

    Baaaaaadass. Just to be all clarifying (and possibly stray into stupid-question territory, but *somebody* had to drink that growler!), if we signed up for the season pass, we do a whole lotta nuttin' to sign up for the individual races, right?
  16. Slugger

    Race category question

    As Norm said, you can auto-upgrade to cat 2. You might want to do one race as a 3 just to settle in and get a handle on the scene, but it sounds like you have plenty of experience, so if you are happy with the distance, go straight to cat 2. The category differences as they play out in this...
  17. Slugger

    New here

    Welcome! I'm also still pretty new, just one season of riding under my tires, but you've stumbled in to a GREAT community. There are a lot of awesome places to ride from rocky technical gnar to smooth and flowy. I live in NYC but I'm always game to meet someone at the trails and ride together.
  18. Slugger

    Grundle #4 Results & Pics

    Happy Norm? :) Pure unadulterated Short Track mud.
  19. Slugger

    Grundle #4 Results & Pics

    Thanks again! I assume next year's series will a) happen and b) involve just as many trail conditions? *runs and hides* :D
  20. Slugger

    Trail Conditions - Please Read this Thread

    Dude, the awesomeness here...outstanding. As someone who has to jump through MAJOR hoops to ride, I am so beyond stoked for this. Thank you to everyone involved!
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