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  1. DargSide

    Recommendations for travel case/bag

    Hey all, I recently just got a new job that involves a lot of traveling, and am looking to maybe bring the mtb along the way if i happen to be going somewhere cool. Just checked with my normal airline (delta) and found out that as long as it doesn't exceed 115 dimensional inches, only a checked...
  2. DargSide

    Knolly Warden

    OK, i have the same frame in medium, just feel like a large would feel a lot better
  3. DargSide

    Knolly Warden

    any interest in selling just the frame?
  4. DargSide

    bicycling specific innovations

    I think suspension design is really unique to mountain bikes, pedaling efficiency is a pretty bike specific constraint
  5. DargSide

    Kingdom Trails Sadness

    It looks like they've added a lot more in the non-darling hill area, but north conway nh is where i'm more likely to go next if i'm driving 6 hours (haven't been to noco yet, but at the top of my list)
  6. DargSide

    Washington Valley trail closures-THIS COULD BE BAD!!!

    RIP trail beers, but it's better than the alternative
  7. DargSide

    New Tire Recommendations

    Minion SS on the rear, DHF up front
  8. DargSide

    Scott Gambler owners: what chainguide

    To anyone who has a newer gambler, what chain guide are you using? I have an MRP but recently found out that the screw that holds the top guide was digging into the frame, originally it had an e13 but wasnt too crazy on how it clipped together. What do you guys use?
  9. DargSide

    Making a Park Tool BT3

    Temper it with a blowtorch and a tub of water
  10. DargSide

    wanted: DH cranks

    where are you located?
  11. DargSide

    wanted: DH cranks

    wrong spacing i believe
  12. DargSide

    wanted: DH cranks

    Wondering if anyone has a set of dh cranks, preferably saint or zee
  13. DargSide

    Sram brake pistons

    you should be able to push the pistons back in far enough with a tire lever, the fluid level in the caliper increases as the pad thickness decreases
  14. DargSide

    2010 Intense M9 FRO -Downhill Bike-

    I'll ask again, interested in fork and cranks if you're willing to part out
  15. DargSide

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Would the trails be good to go for a post work ride?
  16. DargSide

    Portland, Maine - XC or road spots?

    Highland... Or attitash if you wanna shit your pants
  17. DargSide

    6 Mile Run Conditions

  18. DargSide

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Gonna take a quick peek in about 20
  19. DargSide

    Wanted: 12x142 27.5 rear wheel

    Looking to pick up an extra rear wheel, dont want anything really cheap nor super expensive, what do you guys got?
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