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  1. paa29

    Toughest technical climbs?

    The switchback climb at Round Valley is pretty good for that too, but maybe thats just because you do a ton of climbing before that haha!
  2. paa29

    Pocono Enduro sponsored by Vertical Earth May 15th 2016

    Will the course be marked sometime by the end of this week?
  3. paa29

    Chimney Rock Thursdays

    What time is the ride today?
  4. paa29

    Granogue Cross

    I'll be there as well, went last year and the course was a blast!
  5. paa29

    The Stewart 45 - Registration Open

    So what youre saying is to bring the cross bikes??
  6. paa29

    Chimney Rock Thursdays

    I'll try to ride with you guys, what time does it start?
  7. paa29

    Stuck seat post

    The same thing happened to me, my dad and I just rubbed lemons a couple times to get the juices from that on the seat post and after a little while of pulling on it, we managed to get it out. Sounds crazy but it works!
  8. paa29

    Chimney Rock Conditions

    Couple of mud spots on blue but other than that trails are perfect!
  9. paa29

    Chimney Rock Conditions

    Couldn't agree more, go out and ride!
  10. paa29

    MTBNJ Short Track Race #1

  11. paa29

    Fat Tires?

    I have a pair of 45NRTH tubeless-ready 26x4.0 vanhelga tires still in original packaging, looking to get somewhere around $200 for the pair.
  12. paa29

    Wawayanda State Park Conditions

    Conditions were pretty good today, it was mostly dry with only a few spots of water or mud.
  13. paa29

    Chimney Rock Conditions

    Cool thanks guys!
  14. paa29

    Chimney Rock Conditions

    Do you guys think Chimney Rock will be okay to ride tomorrow morning?
  15. paa29

    XC fork opinion

    Thanks Kirt, like I said I am currently riding with fox float and I love it. I might have to look into getting a shock as well.
  16. paa29

    XC fork opinion

    I am using this bike for XC racing I've had a 26" trek fuel for most of the season until it broke...long story short I had to get another trek bike and since they dont make 26 or 27.5 race bikes I had to settle for the trek superfly. It is an amazing bike but I just like the way a 27.5 rides a...
  17. paa29

    XC fork opinion

    I'm looking to build up a giant anthem 27.5 soon and was wondering what's a good fork to get. I have been racing on the fox CTD for a while and I really liked that but the shock that comes on the bike would be a RockShox Monarch RL and I wanted to keep the suspension the same brand. Thanks!
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